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Buy Twitch Viewers

The ability to buy Twitch viewers is offered by many specialized services. Not all of them provide this service with high quality. Because cheating viewers is technically different from cheating other parameters, which are static. Viewers are needed at a specific point in time – when the broadcast is on.

Why do you need to buy Twitch viewers?

  • The stream ranking system on the site works in such a way that streams with the largest number of viewers are higher in the feed. Yes, Twitch has a support system for young channels, but the likelihood of getting on the main page with 10-20 viewers is still minimal.
  • Thus, the more viewers a stream has, the higher it ranks and the more viewers it permanently gains. The problem is that it is impossible to get into this by no means vicious circle without the so-called “starting viewers”, who simply have nowhere to get a young channel.
  • If you buy Twitch viewers (at least a few hundred), this will give an instant boost to attracting users. For example, if the game is still in beta, it is known, but not yet widely represented on the site.
  • That is, technically, everything is simple – you order viewers and thus attract third-party users. Those who doubt this mechanism simply do not understand how Twitch ranks content. Naturally, no method of promotion gives an effect on its own. For example, if you decide to buy Twitch viewers and do not order other services, while showing a fairly average level of play and not promoting on other platforms, there will be no result.

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How does to buy Twitch viewers help you get an affiliate program?

Affiliate program is short for affiliate program. It should not be confused with a companion program, which only gives the streamer some third-party benefits (like the ability to use “crystals” in chat and widgets). The Twitch affiliate program is the only way to officially monetize a channel. After the affiliate program is approved by the administration of the site, the streamer gets the opportunity to place commercials and materials in their broadcasts.

And here is the opportunity to buy Twitch viewers? Moreover, in order to apply for an affiliate program, a number of conditions must be met. Most of these conditions are as simple as possible and do not require a special effort from the streamer. But one of the requirements can cause difficulties for a novice let’s player: over the past month, an average of 100 viewers must be present on all his broadcasts. It would seem that it is possible to conduct one broadcast, by hook or by crook to catch up with the required number of people there and connect an affiliate program.

Points to remember to buy Twitch viewers

Everything is not so simple:

  • To comply with the conditions, you have to conduct several broadcasts per month for a certain number of hours. On average, we are talking about 2-3 broadcasts per week, lasting at least 2-4 hours each.
  • The second point is that even if you buy Twitch viewers and can monetize the channel, it will not give you anything. Because if all the viewers were cheated, who will you show ads to?
  • This means that in any case, cheating viewers must be combined with other promotion methods that we talked about above. After all, an affiliate program with Twitch is not an end in itself, but a means of monetization.
  • Don’t confuse viewers with views. Views are a nominal indicator, the system itself does not take it into account anywhere. It also needs to be wound up, but only to increase credibility in the eyes of users.
  • Based on this, the ability to buy viewers on Twitch is really important and necessary for a young channel. But it must be ordered competently and in a complex, and not as a separate service.
  • In reality, the ability to buy Twitch viewers to get an affiliate program is necessary if you already have some kind of audience. For example, if on average just those 100 people watch you, but due to the “plus or minus” discrepancy, you do not get literally a few viewers to the required statistical indicators. Then the promotion will give you an affiliate program, the channel will receive a progressive impulse. And you will start making money on advertising.

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What to consider if you decide to buy Twitch viewers?

Continuing the theme of the affiliate program, it is necessary to identify the key moment in this whole story. The fact is that if you received an affiliate program by cheating, and the next month you didn’t reach the preset indicators, then Twitch will cancel your affiliate program. That is, if the actual number of viewers on each of your streams is 30-50 people, then a month after receiving the affiliate program, it will be taken back from you. After all, the channel does not meet the requirement “Average 100 viewers per broadcast.”

If you decide to buy Twitch viewers, don’t confuse them with views. And most importantly – check this in the SMM service where you order the service. Because many specialized sites actually mean just views by this.

Choose only proven services (like TmSMM) so that you have no doubts about the efficiency and quality of the services provided. Unfortunately, not all sites offer cheating viewers at the required level.

The third conceptual point is cost. Everyone is cheating with bots, do not be fooled by an attempt to charge you an additional fee for supposedly real people. Only a few SMM services can actually do this (TmSMM is one such service).

The ability to buy viewers on Twitch does the main thing. It raises the target, allowing you to get an affiliate program and attracting real users. But we repeat – all types of cheating are effective only in combination, there are no and cannot be exceptions. That is why the channel promotion strategy needs to be thought out in advance. It is quite possible to do it yourself, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Especially in 2020, given the current competition on Twitch in all segments.

Prices to buy Twitch viewers

Minimum prices for all types of services for Twitch is 79 rubles for 100 subscribers and 29 rubles for 100 views.

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