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Rolling Paper Alternatives

Rolling paper is a specialty paper used to make cigarettes (commercially produced filter cigarettes and individually rolled cigarettes). Tissue papers are cigarette-sized packs of several sheets, often rolled into a cardboard wrapper. Any smoker has been stuck without papers at least once before and it can be an alarming situation. Every stoner should be prepared for the worst, and this article discusses creative rolling paper alternatives. So, if you are looking for a paperless solution, keep reading this article!

You’ve wanted to smoke since the beginning of the day and that’s when of course your housemate finished your leaves or you forgot to go to the tobacconist for a packet of OCB on the way home.

If you’re too lazy to go and like to be creative, here are some rolling paper alternatives. Some will suggest you use aluminum. We must warn you that this is very dangerous as harmful chemicals go directly into your lungs via the smoke!

Replacing the leaves with one of the following suggestions is a fun way to make the most of a mediocre situation! No need to go out of the house to buy something, because all of these alternatives can be fashioned with just a few household items!

Roll a joint with a plant leaf?

So… I personally experienced this method in Peru a few years ago. A very strange man had fashioned a pipe out of a leaf, and we smoked successfully! The situation must be really desperate. Not even a pipe around, nothing like something you can smoke in. It does not matter ! There must be a safe plant to smoke in your garden or in a neighbor’s front yard. Make sure you don’t choose a leaf that is dangerous to smoke! Roll it into a cone shape and put some cannabis on the top. Use it as a pipe!

Aren’t you afraid of blasphemy? smoke your bible

If you’re a Christian, you can skip this one. Receipts, regular books and newspapers are very poor rolling paper alternatives. None of them really work, and we’re wasting good weed.

But there is a type of paper that works very well as a replacement for rolling papers: Bible paper. It’s thin, like rolling paper and sticks pretty well with a little saliva. If Jesus were in your situation, what would he do?

A pipe with a fruit

Fruit pipes are a great way to solve the dilemma. You must have fruit somewhere. It doesn’t even matter which one, even if we don’t recommend oranges or clementines. The only other item needed is something to dig a hole.

A hollow pen, for example, works very well. Unscrew the top and remove the ink tube, and there’s a hollow plastic tube left. You can use it to make holes in the fruit.

First, make a hole in the top. Don’t push all the way down, or your weed will fall straight down. Go halfway. Then, from one of the two sides, poke a hole that goes just far enough to meet the first vertical hole you dug.

And there you have it: two holes that meet somewhere in your fruit. One is horizontal and the other vertical. Pack the weed in the vertical hole and smoke from the horizontal hole!

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Empty a cigarette

A blasphemy for the majority of joint smokers, but in a desperate situation. If you don’t have paper but industrial cigarettes, you can empty a cigarette and fill it with weed or a mixture of weed and tobacco. Also, the cigarette filter can be replaced with a cardboard one.

A cigarette, your favorite beef, and the problem is solved. The ganja gods will forgive you for this outrage.

The hot knife method

Who remembers his youth? The burning knives including a powerful blow that goes straight to the head. All you need is a frying pan and butter knives. Roll your weed into small balls that add over a knife and warm two on the pan. Just heat the tip of the knife where you put the weed, which means you can keep the handle cool.

When your two knives are hot enough. They will immediately begin to produce a large cloud of white smoke, so be prepared to suck in quickly! Having a straw handy is one of the best ways to get all the smoke. Be careful not to burn anyone in the process!

A bong with a bucket

To make a bucket bong, all you need is a bucket, a bottle of pop, and some water. Cut the bottom of the bottle and make a piece of cone with the top of the bottle.

Immerse the bottom half of the bottle (the end that was cut off) in a bucket with water, you need to leave enough space in the bottle to fill with smoke. Place the buds in the cone.

The trick is here. As you burn the buds, slowly lift the bottle out of the water, this is what allows the empty space in the bottle to fill with smoke. Once it’s completely out of the water, remove the cone and suck up the smoke!

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Improvise with a corn shell

Did you know that in Native American tribal culture, tobacco was traditionally wrapped in a corn shell because of the sacred properties of corn? Even though the cultural context might not interest you too much, the very genius idea of ​​rolling up a joint using a corn shell might.

It smokes extremely well if you can manage to pull it all together! Rolling is a bit of a challenge, but it can be tied with a few pieces of string. Once the corn joint is done, all that remains is to smoke it!

When there is nothing else…

We recommend never smoking anything that contains foil because so many toxins come from this material when it is heated. However, there is an old trick of using the wrapper of a piece of chewing gum.

These envelopes are usually made of two layers of material: a thin piece of paper with a thin layer of foil.

By gently scraping, you can remove the foil from the paper and you end up with something that looks suspiciously like a rolling paper. Be careful to remove all the film before rolling and only use this method when the beans are done.

But if situations like this multiply, a good definitive solution is to invest in a good vaporizer and never need leaves again.

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