How to block someone on Twitch? An ultimate lead

All users should know exactly how to block someone on Twitch. The option is quite popular, and is in demand if someone breaks the rules on your page, behaves unacceptably, interferes. Ban on Twitch is a punitive measure applied to those who violate the rules of conduct in the chat. Do you know how to use this tool? If not, catch the most detailed instructions and useful tips.


  1. How to ban and silence a user
  • Team in chat
  • Lock in two clicks
  1. Where to find the “Blacklist”

How to block and silence a user

Ever seen the message “This account is temporarily suspended by Twitch” ? In our review, we will not be talking about a global ban, which only the platform can subject to – the developers throw a strike to the streamer, which grossly violates the rules of conduct and policy of use. We will talk about how to block someone on Twitch in a chat – this is a local action.

You are a streamer, a user has appeared in your chat, which interferes with normal communication. Have you noticed rudeness, insults or threats, inappropriate behavior or violation of channel rules? Send a person to the ban – he deserves it. How can you add to the blacklist?

Team in chat

The easiest way is to use a command. This can be done by the streamer, moderator or chat editor:

  • Open the broadcast and go to the “Chat” tab ;
  • Enter the command / timeout [username] and send it.

This simple action allows you to mute a person for 10 minutes automatically, after which the ban on sending messages will be lifted. Want to increase your blocking time?

  • Use the command / timeout [username] [number of minutes].

In the chat there is an additional opportunity to impose a ban – but already permanent , its action will have to be canceled additionally. The first option is as follows:

  • Send the / ban [username] command to the dialog with the username in parentheses.

This is an indefinite lock that can only be removed by the channel owner. That is why we recommend that you indicate the reason with a text message: let the offender be aware of the fault. Immediately, let’s talk about how to block someone on Twitch – or soften, to be more precise:

  • Wait until the set time has passed;
  • Send the message / timeout <user name> to the dialog .

Lock in two clicks

This method is even simpler:

  • Find the person in the chat and hover the cursor over the name;
  • Click on the crossed out circle icon next to it.

That’s all! The attacker will quickly see the notification “You are currently blocked on this Twitch”.

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Where to find the “Blacklist”

Next, the channel owner has access to the full list of blocked users. Where to find it?

  • Login and click on the avatar in the upper right corner;
  • Select the “Settings” item from the drop-down menu;
  • Go to the “Channel and Videos” tab ;
  • On the left panel, find the “Moderation” button ;
  • At the very bottom there is a block “Blocked chat participants” .
  • Click – you will see a full list of banned followers (and not only). Here is the answer to the question of how to block someone on Twitch – find a person in the list and click on the button to withdraw from the black list.

Here you can add a new member to the ban – just enter the username in the appropriate line.

You will learn how to get banned long or short term and how to unblock a user on Twitch. Do not let unpleasant personalities into your broadcasts – you have all the necessary tools in your hands!

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