Why Do Audiences Love Magicians

Why Do Audiences Love Magicians?

Magic is one of the best types of entertainment for any event.  Not only do you get to interact with someone skilled at pulling the wool over someone’s eyes: you get to feel like you’re in on the joke.

Magicians are masterful performers, so it’s no mystery why people love them so much.  This is a rundown on why magicians are so easy to feel connected to!

Test The Boundaries of Imagination

When watching someone perform magic, it’s easy to just let go of logical thought, suspend your disbelief, and enjoy the show.  These performers can move in almost mesmerizing ways as they guide your vision to what they want you to see and divert your attention from anything they don’t want you to pay attention to.  

This allows you to just cut loose, enjoy the show, and forget for a moment that magic doesn’t exist- or at least that it hasn’t been proven yet.  

The Chance to Treat it Like a Puzzle

Although you shouldn’t ask magicians their secrets or try to pick them apart in front of people: figuring out the magic behind how skilled professionals like Adam Wylie bend reality can be extremely fun.  Watching their sleight of hand and trying to decide how they make magic happen can be incredible.  

Although this isn’t the main draw for most people, it can be exciting for an analytical mind!  

Reminds Them of Their Childhood

Many people had a short period in their childhood where they cared a lot about magic, or it brought them a lot of joy.  Because of this, many find themselves reminiscing when they watch magic and connect to the performances in a personal way.  It’s nostalgic even if they haven’t seen these performances before.  Although it can feel childish if they’re a child’s party magician: even this can be nice to watch sometimes, and when they surprise you, it’s even better.  

Helps The Audience Feel Connected

Laughter and shock are social reactions that allow us to better connect with the people around us.  If you’re in a crowd and are shocked and gasp or laugh when a trick is performed, you’ll notice others reacting how you are.  This builds a social connection, and even though you may be complete strangers, you won’t feel so strange to one another.

The Opportunity to Help or Be Involved

We all want to be connected and involved in important things, and during a magic act- sometimes we can find ourselves involved.  Whether you’ve volunteered yourself to be hypnotized, or you’re on stage allowing a magician to show you a trick up close to prove it’s real magic, getting to be part of the act is something that’s so specific to magic it’s hard to find anywhere else. 

Magic Is a Wonderful Form of Entertainment

Magic gives you the chance to let go of reality for just a moment and watch as someone breaks the laws of the natural world to make magic feel like it really exists.  Have fun watching performers, and consider hiring them for your next event!

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