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How to Block Twitch Ads Easily – GUIDE

Tired of Twitch ads, we will show the best tips to get rid of them. Twitch has 4 ad genres, so some ad blockers don’t fully work. We have the ability to distinguish between banners, PPC, promotional ads and pre-roll. Although new ways to block and prevent this advertising have appeared in recent years, Twitch tries to make it increasingly difficult for users and does not stop implementing countermeasures. Still, is there a way to block the ads? and, if so, how? Find out everything you need to know about how to block Twitch ads with this comprehensive guide.

The 4 genres of ads on Twitch

  • Banners: These guys are the easiest to remove and any ad blocker is going to do the trick. If you are using Trabaja or Mozilla Firefox, you can even disable them in settings.
  • Pre-notice: Pre-roll notices appear just before you start seeing the desired stream or video on YouTube. Most ad blockers can disable them.
  • PPC: Also popular as pay per click, these are the ads that Twitch itself puts on broadcasts. Certain ad blockers do not have the ability to disable them, so be sure to use the ones on this list.
  • Offers: These are types of ads sponsored by advertisers and triggered by streamers.So we cannot block them unfortunately.

What doesn’t work

Twitch regularly optimizes its defenses and certain ad blockers that used to run are now obsolete. You will need to get one that has https filtering, as it is used to deny PPC ads.

Another thing that’s not working anymore is Twitch Prime. This is a premium membership available to Amazon Prime customers, which stopped denying notices in October 2018. To get the same feature today, you will need to switch to Twitch Turbo.

Methods to block Twitch ads

Twitch Turbo

Twitch Turbo is a monthly subscription package that will block each and every advertisement on the platform. In addition to the ad-free experience, you’ll also get 2 sets of emoticons, exclusive emblems, and custom chat colors to help you put emphasis.

Alternatively, you can also subscribe to your preferred streamer, which will block Twitch ads, but only on your channel.

Adblock Plus

This ad blocker extension works right for tiring ads on Twitch. You can configure it in a few easy steps.

Go to Adblock Added

Click Download and select your browser

Adblock Aggregate is available for all popular internet browsers.

This will take you to the specified web store where you can proceed with the installation.

Add extension

After adding it to your browser, the extension is activated automatically.

Set preferences (optional)

AdBlock is flexible and can choose to accept ads on specific Twitch channels while ignoring others. This is a good way to show support for your close acquaintances.

uBlock (source)

uBlock Origin is another effective ad blocker available on both Windows and Mac OS. It works with each and every popular browser and is super fast. To simply understand …

Click on Add uBlock

This will redirect you to your already established web store.

Install the extension

You may need to restart your browser, although this is not normally necessary.

How to block Twitch ads on mobile devices


If you are an Android user, your best option is to enter Twitch through the browser and not the official Twitch app. This is because blocking ads in the application requires the https filtering feature, which is something that most ad blockers do not have.

If you still decide to use the official Twitch app, your best option to deny ads on Android is AdLock.

Visit AdLock

While AdLock for Android is free, they also have an accessible plan for up to 5 Android gadgets.

Enable HTTPS filtering


IOS systems are even more rigorous. You can install ad blockers in Safari, but it cannot block ads from the native app. The architecture of Apple’s mobile platform is built to reflect Apple’s policy, which has zero tolerance for this type of behavior.

Fortunately, streaming from the browser is not detrimental to your visual excitement. AdGuard is one of the best ad blockers that you can find on iOS and it also allows you to block ads manually. Although it requires a subscription, it is still cheaper than Twitch Turbo.

… And get the 14-day trial version. Follow the rules on the download page to install it correctly.

Enable AdGuard in Safari

Just go to iOS settings and turn on Safari’s Content Blocker.

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The moment ad blockers don’t work

Since Twitch is always looking for novel ways to disable adblock software, yours may eventually stop working. Beyond the fact that certain inconveniences can be solved simply by updating the browser, others require different measures. In other words, what you can do to solve them.

1. Update software

Twitch is constantly changing the way they insert ads to confuse ad blockers. You’ll want your blocker to be up-to-dated

2. Make sure it’s enabled

Since certain sites will not let you enter them if they appreciate that you have an ad blocker, you may have deactivated it to save yourself ailments.

3. Try a different ad blocker

There are quite a few ad blockers on the market that you can install before canceling it. AdBlocker Ultimate and Popper Blocker are the first thing that comes to mind.

4. Change browser

Sometimes the downside can be in the browser itself. Beyond Firefox and Chrome being the most popular, there are plenty of options, some of which offer more privacy and run faster. Brave is an excellent example and it comes with a built-in ad blocker.

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