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Top Outstanding Tools for Content Creation

A form of ‘ slavery ‘ has a remedy in the 21st century. It is associated with the world of content marketing and, by extension, with Inbound Marketing strategies.

What are the ‘chains’ of this bondage? The answer is simple: the need to maintain a fast and appropriate pace in a specific company’s publishing schedule. As a solution, we are going to talk about content creation tools in a simpler and more agile way.

The economy of time permeates production in any company. Also, specific areas of organizations: production, financing. And, of course, also in the departments in charge of marketing strategies. Content publishing tools are vital to ‘offer more in less time’ to users interested in valuable content.

Content creation is a huge challenge that most businesses face. Smaller companies can learn a lot from multinationals that carry out successful practices and formulas related to content. The objective is to learn from the actions with an associated budget that have an impact on the results.

What are you waiting for? Read on to discover some tools to publish content. Most of them are used in our method of solutions for companies. Of course, with a smile on my face, I promise you that we do not have any benefit from the dissemination of its benefits.

Content creation tools

Images and screenshots


With it, you can upload images and

 add small icons. Readers can interact with these icons. They can be images and videos that you embed into links and messages.


PlaceIt serves a very specific purpose: it allows you to upload images of your company or product website in real people’s environments.

The tool automatically alters the image to look natural with the angle of the phone screen.

You have to pay for each image for high-resolution versions. Paid downloads also allow you to remove the ‘ PlaceIt ‘ watermark from the bottom right.


Skitch is a free app that allows you to communicate more visually. It allows you to mark up images, digital assets, PDF files, and other files with arrows, text, and much more. Although it is free, it requires the opening of an Evernote account.


FotoJet is ideal for designing different types of posters, cards, or collages that you can share through social networks. It is a tool that allows you to both design from scratch and use one of its beautiful templates.


It is a photo editor that allows you to retouch all your images. Also, if you want to add a personal touch to your designs, leaving the seal of your brand allows you.

One of the advantages that PicMonkey offers are the tutorials that it offers so that you get used to the tool as soon as possible.

TechSmith Capture

This tool allows you to take screenshots and send them quickly and easily. Also, if you consider it appropriate, you can record your screen for up to 5 minutes without the menus appearing.

With Jing, you will not only be able to record or take screenshots, but you will be able to upload them directly to social networks.

Writing and Fonts


If you like writing blog posts in programs like Microsoft Word, Evernote, or Google Drive, this tool may be your new best friend. Why? Apparently, the CMS software executives reached a consensus to drive the resources in charge of creating content crazy. We’ve all experienced the dreaded paragraph breaks, ‘invisible’ font changes, and problems with bold and italics.

This tool ends with this type of evil. It is awesome. Simply paste into your project, click a button, then copy the resulting HTML directly from the tool. It will appear nice and clean when you paste it into your CMS.

Paper Rate

This tool, thanks to its artificial intelligence, allows you to discover if the texts are originals or copies. Also, if it is a simple translation from one language to another through Google Translate, it also detects it.

Paper Rate is ideal for avoiding plagiarism in content.


This is another tool to detect plagiarism. In this case, with Copyscape, you will protect your content, and you will be able to discover if exact copies of your content have been reproduced on the Internet.


Create content and pass it through Wordle. The tool will detect repetitions during the text and the most used words.

Its use is perfect to avoid excessive repetition and monotony and complement your content with other similar types of material.

Google Fonts and DaFont

Great for using different fonts to spruce up your web pages, presentations, e-books, and more. Its functionality is very simple.

Design and Assets


Canva offers a library of pre-made templates and assets that can be manipulated. It also allows giving its own touch of design to the companies that use it.

Canva charges close to a dollar for ” premium ” assets. It offers a wide range of choices and also offers free options.

Haiku Cover

SlideShare and its sharing power play a huge role in transforming boring old slideshows.

Haiku Cover is a great tool for when you need simple layouts and some fonts and typefaces. It is the ideal content creation tool for storytelling.

Social media tools


BuzzSumo is an ideal tool to avoid wasting time researching new topics and trends in the RRSS.

Its use allows you to know what topics are being talked about, in addition to looking for specific content that can be used to share it on your networks.


It is a tool that allows you to know if your brand name is already being used on social networks or not.

Using Namechk before registering your brand will avoid future problems and mishaps with creating social profiles or including your brand in various communities.

At Last

The content creation tools I’ve shared can help you create content, but they don’t ‘do magic.’ The teams that manage its functionality must determine the quality and success of the stories created. Companies have to know the customer incredibly well, understand what the challenges of their product or service are, and create content accordingly.

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