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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Agencies in the World

Social media has become a part of our life. You cannot run a successful business without the use of social media. According to research in this world, 3.8 billion people exist. To hire a Social media marketing agency has become compulsory for us.

In these panic days of the coronavirus, social media marketing has become a strong platform for selling and buying services. People improve their income through social media marketing agencies.

Social media marketing agencies are beneficial for both sellers and buyers. These platforms prove reliable and trustworthy for business.  

In this article, we discuss the top ten social media marketing agencies with bio, features, per hour rate, and abilities that help you to choose one or more agencies to get their services and boost your platform.  

1. Lyfe marketing

Lyfe marketing is a complete social media agency. This is a vast platform that occurs in the United States Atlanta. Lyfe marketing agency has become a helpful, smooth, and powerful path.

It provides help to businessmen to get their chosen goal in e-commerce, politics, law, church, health, nonprofit, and on several online strategies.

Lyfe social media marketing agency allows keeping their industries in top-performing advertisements. This platform able to gives the offer to change your savings of digital marketing into future income through sales. 

Lyfe marketing attaches with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other active channels. 

Lyfe social media marketing agency was created in 2011. Almost forty-nine persons run it. 

According to the calculation of 2011, they were handling two thousand social media marketing agencies. Its created works grab five lacks people, at a time. Because of that people it hired for spreading their business add in the world.

Lyfe social media marketing agency provides their services for:

2. Socialistic

Socialistic social media marketing is an agency that creates a plan then telling your brand story. This function grabs the audience on their working platform. The most hiring reason of them, they give services with result guarantee.

Socialistic gives offers for social media marketing, advertisement, and management, content writing, social strategy, and creative and productive community management.

Socialistic was founded in 2018. This social media marketing agency is located in Seattle, WA. They charge for a mini project 1000$ like other websites in the world. It has two to nine high-quality expert employees that manage work in the best way.

Socialistic social media marketing agency per hour rate is 100$ to 149$. Don’t think more again and again. Go and contact him. Get your dreamer and visionary services in handsome payment. 

3. Pan up production

Pan up production is such a social media marketing agency that is creative, unique, and fantastic. They provide work like creative content, commercials, advertising, documentary, creative development, photography, video production, music videos, and edit videos.

Pan up production social media marketing agency members also work for all types of event coverage. They are working with several e-commerce stores. They work not only with several high standard websites like amazon, southwest, food line, cotton, chase, Ralph, seated, civic, Netflix, tinder, apple, and square. There are exists their business or sample to work with him.

Pan up production a social media marketing agency is created in 2014. This is located in Brookenly, New York, Austin, and Log Angeles. They are going for working get five stars in honor of best performance. It’s run by almost nine employees. Pan per production hourly rate is 100$ to 149$. 

Today, everyone wants to record their memories in a high-level quality. They do it in a while. Everyone wants to see their samples. Because of that, it is a source and method of hiring. No one can’t believe in any services.

They have many samples. The most durable part or sample of pan up social media marketing agency work in New York shot for a couple. Pan per production made their memory time most unique and creative. You can’t deny getting their services as a photographer. They give an amazing capture.

If you have a budget or chance then contact their team or owner and hire them for services. Pan per production will give amazing services.

4. Firebelly marketing

Firebelly social media marketing agency is an award-winning platform. This agency has a bright plan to make a brand with social media. To fulfill their mission, they provide excellent and pleasant services to their customers.

They can create social media marketing ads, social management services, social audits services, blogging services, and influencer management services. It also provides creative content creation services, social community management services, and reporting services.

Firebelly social media marketing agency created in 2007. This is located in Indianapolis, IN, United States. Its minimum project price is 1000$. Firebelly marketing rate is 100$ to 149$ per hour. It is handling by nine employees.

Firebelly social media marketing agency works with Facebook, Twitter, snap chat, LinkedIn, Instagram, and pinterest. This agency has some rules that follow regularly as planned. 

  • Creative and mind-blowing development
  • Grab audience
  • Follow recommendations and reporting system

Firebelly consist of these pleasant points. They work according to this three-step plan. 

5. Sculpt

Sculpts is a B2B social media agency. This marketing agency inspired you to grow faster. It has specialization in B2B and provides their services as a creating qualified lead from a large platform (social media). They help brands in connecting traffics.

Clients reach sculpt social media marketing agency. Create deals and hire them. Their prices are flexible and easy to meet the client. That’s why they achieve their goals of success. Sculpt members also have experience in campaigns. They provide fantastic service in boost advertising ROL. 

Sculpt agency was created in 2012. The headquarter is held in Lowa City, IA. It has 10 to 49 employees that run it. Their per hour rate of work is 100$ to 149$. Its reviews are 4.9. Their minimum size project price is 1000$. When clients contact them, they will do compromise with him. 

The bright feature of sculpt social media marketing agency is that it not only provides services but also you can take services by them. Because of that, they are gives training in house-form. This system is beneficial for both of them.

What are you looking for? Go, contact him and boost your business through their services. 

6. Thrive internet marketing agency

Thrive internet marketing agency is an effective social media marketing and creative website designing agency. Thrive marketing is a gold verified agency. They create traffic on your website in an amazing way.

They give their services with previous successful work of organic traffic proof. They rank your website in top Google agencies. Thrive social media marketing agency is active and cooperative. 

Thrive internet social media marketing agency provides services for website designing and development, onsite and offsite SEO, high quality and unique content writing, conversion optimization, search engine optimization(SEO), video editing, and social media marketing(SMM).

This social media marketing agency gives their services with previous successful client website proof. First of all, they search your competitor. Then works on your work and competes him or her. It is the main reason for the popularity of this social media marketing agency.

Thrive internet marketing agency was created in 2005. This social media marketing agency is held in Dallas TX. They charge for a mini project 1000$ plus. They got 4.9 stars and fifty-seven clutch reviews. There are worked 50 to 249 employees.

Thrive internet social media marketing agency is an IMA member. They are partners of Shopify, Yext, Google, and Bing Ads certification.

7. Sociallyin

Sociallyin is the best social media marketing agency. They provide the creative and long-lasting relationship between the client and his or her website public. Their work is unique in quality and reliability.

Sociallyin social media marketing agency provides creative content writing, social media advertising, marketing and management, social community management, website designing and development, graphic designing, Facebook marketing, and create brand development.

Sociallyin agency was created in 2011. It is located in Birmingham, Alabama United States. Every platform in this world got success through an experienced employee. So it has 10 to 49 workers that run sociallyin.

Sociallyin social media marketing agency per average hour rate is 100 to 149$. It has 4.7 stars due to its creative performance. This is also having nineteen clutches reviews. Sociallyin also handles social strategies.

Sociallyin social media marketing agency has a fantastic skill of communication. Once you contact him, they talk amazingly. You will compel to think that you are at the right place.

What are you waiting for? Go, hire him and enjoy their services.

8. WebFX

WebFX is an SEO optimization social media marketing agency. This is an aged agency. We all knows that old is gold. You cannot deny the experienced and professional service of an old platform. No one can lose him because of their reliable performance.    

Webfx gives a lot of services like search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, PPC, phone calls, and generate high traffic to boost your business. It is a uniquely reliable and trustable platform.

WebfX social media marketing agency is an award-winning agency that was created in 1996. It is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Ania. They mostly charge one thousand dollars for a mini-project. Webfx average per hour rate is 100$ to 149$. 

Mostly we prefer to work such an agency that is which have maximum reviews. If we say that reviews works as a scale of performance. Then it would not be wrong. When increase review automatically would increase employees for handle it.

The number of webfx social media marketing agency employees is 250 to 999. Webfx success tells us their team member strength. People impress by their services and hire him. They also recommend others. 

If you are looking to for include their business in a top successful business then selects their services. 

9. Social media 55

Social media 55 is an award-winning social media marketing agency. They are not only providing social media management services but also gives digital marketing services. This platform services available for Nano-targeting delivery to their client.

Social media 55 marketing agency accepts challenges like “do it yourself” and creates their name in top successful agencies. It can accept challenges and do excellent work for its client.

Social media marketing agency provides e-co0mmerce, web designing, and development, social media marketing and advertising, search engine optimization, digital marketing, Facebook and snap chat advertising, and mobile app services. 

 Social media 55 marketing and management agency was created in 2014. Their head quarter locates in Montreal, Canada. Social media 55 is in Santa Monica, New York, Chicago. They give their services with a high tool that client liked.

This social media marketing agency has 10 to 49 employees. They handle clients and give satisfied services. It has five stars and thirty-five clutch reviews. They charge for mini project size price is 1000$. 

Its hourly rate is 25$ to 49$. Social media 55 annually revenue is 25.9$ M.

If you need to improve your business then contact social media 55 marketing agency.

10. Ignite social media agency

Ignite social media marketing agency such a platform that stands for 12 years. Although other agencies go low and high performance. But still, it stands to help people to grow their business. The world’s top brands trust their services.

Ignite social media marketing agency offers services for written books on social media marketing, digital advertisements and marketing, social media planner, engineering, content writing, advertisements for a national and international brand, and mobile app.

 Ignite social media was created in 2007. It is located in Cary, North Carolina. Day-to-day ignite has got old aged as well as experienced and professional expertise also. They charge 5000$ for a mini-project. 

Despite expenses, people recommend others and hire their services again and again. To fulfill public desires ignite social media marketing agency increase team for best performance. It has 10 to 49 team members.

Go and contact them because you make the best decision

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