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Top 10 Tools For Content Marketing

The way of doing marketing has changed. Now marketing experts have many roles to play: blogger, editor, designer, SEO, analyst, etc. Content marketing could be one of the most powerful weapons that currently exist to get new customers and retain those you have already achieved.

So to help you with this task, we present 10 tools that will be very useful when creating your marketing campaigns.

1. Percolate

This tool makes an automatic selection of relevant content for your brand and provides you with ideas for the creation of new content. This way, you can share interesting posts with the followers of your social networks.

Percolate’s algorithm indexes the content that has been produced throughout the company’s history on the different networks. And finally organizes everything so that you can use contextualized content for the platform on which it will be published. In addition, it optimizes the content according to the type of platform on which it is published (Twitter in 140 characters, Facebook taking into account EdgeRank, selects royalty-free images.). And it “makes decisions” on publication schedules based on editorial planning.

This tool is paid, but it will be very useful if you need to create a large amount of content for your brand.

2. Little Bird

It is a tool that will help you find influential people for your community on any topic. As more and more brands engage with their audiences on social media and are excited by the idea of ​​finding influencers for their community, Little Bird is a great help in streamlining the entire search, validation, and sales integration process in one single platform.

3. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a platform that suggests topics of interest to you based on what you like and what you share. And at the same time, you can create a “community of interest” and see what your friends or people you follow share. It’s a great way to find content related to what you usually post on social media.

4. FlexClip

FlexClip is a great tool that will be very useful for you to create educational videos, tutorials, and many other types of videos in a short time, with very good results, and also in a very easy way. You can share your videos on social media and give your blog more visibility.

5. Freed.ly

It is a platform that you can use to read content from blogs and websites. You can organize the content, available in various languages, by subject and plan it thanks to its synchronization with Buffer. From “Add content,” you can browse the categories or search by keywords. The results will be displayed, indicating the number of subscribers they have on Feedly.

6. Buffer

It helps you plan the content you want to publish from different platforms. This tool is very easy to use. You just have to preconfigure the times you want to share the content. You can schedule any item you find, buffer it, and automatically queue it up to be at the next available time slot.

7. Influitive

It is a platform for recruitment, mobilization, and recognition of the prescribers of your brand. You will be able to create a community that defends your brand and feels committed to it through interaction and gamification: customers complete challenges to earn points and recognition. Integrates with CRMs, social media, and marketing automation platforms.

8. Shareist

Shareist is a comprehensive content marketing solution for businesses. It fulfills two objectives: you choose the content and organize it in the agenda. It helps you capture content from across the web, easily incorporating text, links, videos, images, and more, and then schedule it on your distribution schedule. The free version is valid for 30 days. Then you can renew it to the payment system or continue in free mode.

9. Issuu

It has over 15 million publications, and it is the fastest-growing digital publishing platform in the world. Millions of readers use Issuu every day to read the free publications created by publishers around the world on topics such as fashion, lifestyle, art, sports, and more. You can use it to create new content or share what has already been created.

10. Tweriod

At last, Tweriod is a tool that will allow us to know the activity of our followers on Twitter and to know when they are connected. And it is very useful information to focus your work and know when is the best time to share content with your community.


If you have a blog, the best way to get readers is by offering them quality content. For this, we recommend the 10 tools above that can help you create specific content for your blog, adding value and creating interest among your community.

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