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Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration: A Guide and Service

Office 365 users must go through tenant-to-tenant migration when their companies merge, acquire, or change their branding or undergo a divestiture. It involves moving domains, OneDrive accounts, instances, and mailboxes from one tenant to another. One must use a third-party Office 365 migration tool or PowerShell scripts because there is currently no built-in option for Office 365 Tenant to Tenant migration.

Use of the Office 365 Migration Tool Has Benefits

The following can be accomplished quickly using a specialized migration tool to transfers data from Teams to another tenant.

  • Change the tenant of your Office 365 subscription
  • Combine Office 365 users
  • Sync your Office 365 mailbox with a different account
  • Transfer a domain between tenants of Office 365
  • OneDrive migration from tenant to the tenant for Office 365
  • We’ll talk about each of these facets separately as well.

The Following are a Few Positive Attributes of the Office 365 Migration Tools.

  • Ensure smooth transitions between different Office 365 tenants.
  • Migrate multiple mailboxes at a time
  • Unlimited user mailbox migration using a CSV file
  • Provide the option of using specific filters when migrating chosen data
  • When the procedure is finished, save the migration report in CSV format.

How to Combine Office 365 Users

Office 365 tenants can be merged with the aid of the Office 365 Merger tool.

  • Put the Office 365 merger tool in place.
  • Using the password and user ID from the first Office 365 account, log in to the system.
  • By providing the required information, add the second user.
  • By choosing the Import CSV option, you can add the relevant CSV file.
  • Pick a location for the CSV file that will be used to combine multiple O365 accounts.
  • Complete all merger-required selections for such IDs.
  • The necessary filters and permissions can be applied by users.
  • Choose the CSV Import option.
  • To choose the interval and the amount of data to be exported, use the date filter option.
  • To combine the accounts, select the Export option.
  • There are options to save the report and view it whenever you want.

How To Move Office 365 Mailboxes To Different Accounts

Moving mailboxes between tenants is a crucial process that is done in a number of steps.

  • It is necessary to recreate the Outlook profile, buy third-party licenses, and set up additional administrative accounts.
  • The target tenant must be synced with any new users or groups.
  • In case something goes wrong temporarily during the migration, users must be trained on how to use the Outlook web version.
  • The target tenant needs to have the domain added to it.
  • Make a list of the mailboxes you want to move.
  • Stopping source tenant syncing is required, and a TTL test must be performed.
  • It is necessary to temporarily disable new incoming mail.
  • Check the new mailboxes at the target tenant and the source tenant.
  • Depending on the number of users, various methods are used to complete the migration (whether more than or less than 500, as discussed earlier). For this, one could make use of a third-party tool.

Office 365 Migration Tool – For a Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

Office 365 Migration is a sophisticated tool designed specifically for Office 365 tenant to tenant migration. It enables users to migrate Microsoft 365 mailboxes from one tenant to another with ease. It has remarkable features that make it the best Microsoft 365 migration tool.

  • Without difficulty, migrates from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another.
  • Allow multiple mailboxes to be migrated from one tenant to another.
  • Transfer an unlimited number of mailboxes using a CSV file.
  • Offer specific filters for selective data migration
  • Save migration report in CSV format once the migration is complete


Organizations must now carry out Office 365 tenant to tenant migration due to the industry-wide prevalence of mergers and acquisitions. Even after the organization’s constitution has changed, it still allows users to access their old accounts. The goal of this article was to thoroughly cover all the important elements of Office 365 migration services. We hope that this information will make your organization’s migration to O365 simple and painless.

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