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How to Repair Corrupted PSD Files Easily with Three Steps

According to a proverb, a photo told a thousand words. One of the industries most impacted by the advanced globe’s enhanced dependence on technology is photography. Each and every good photographer should own Photo editing software (photoshop), a program used to customize perfect images. This article examines how to repair corrupted PSD files using the best Hard Disk Recovery Tool.

Photoshop is a favorite among many seasoned and ambitious young photographers because it is one of Adobe’s most prominent masterpieces. A photographer can use Photoshop to edit an image and create a masterpiece with putting perfect skills. Apparently, a Photoshop project occasionally becomes corrupt even after thousands of hours and attempts have put into it.

In Photoshop, File Corruption is Fairly Common and It Can Occur for a Variety of Reasons, Even Those Listed Below:

Wrongfully put in add-ons. One of the major causes of corruption is third-party add-ons that are either incorrectly install or getting bugs in files.

Other applications’ interference: When you save the file, other programs that are operating in the background may interrupt. When its not in use, the CPU of applications must closed.

Unintentional alteration: It’s likely that the fact that your Photoshop (.psd) file wasn’t created as an a.psd file is one of the causes why it won’t open. You could unintentionally customize the format of another file to.psd while looking through your files.

Power issues: Photoshop files become corrupt due to power problems like unexpected shutdowns and power failures. Your PSD file will probably corrupt or missing when you restart after the blackout or while you’re working on it or saving it.

Power spikes can damage your disk and result in some sectors being lost.

Once you discover that your PSD files are corrupt, you can attempt to repair PSD files in a number of ways:

Step 1: Recovering from Autosave.

Photoshop has an automatic save feature that addresses issues like abrupt shutdowns and lost files. Even though you work on the document, it autosaves at regular intervals. Although this characteristic is set and enabled by default, it’s crucial to make sure it was not inadvertently turned off.

  • Firstly, open the File menu in Photoshop.
  • Secondly, toggle to preferences.
  • Thirdly, click on file saving options under “file handling.”
  • Verify that Automatic save recovery is turned on.
  • Locate the autosave files in file explorer if autosave is enable. C:/Users/Username/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/AdobePhotoshopcc*year*/AutoRecover is the default location.
  • Keep in mind that year reflects the version of Photoshop and username is your unique identifier in this case.

Step 2: Temp File Recovery to Repair Corrupted PSD Files

Adobe saves work-in-progress tasks using temporary files. These files most likely contain a duplicate of your task that has update recently. You must, however, accurately recall the name of your file in order to restore from these files.

  • Launch file explorer and select the temp files folder. C:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalTemp is the default location.
  • Find a temporary file with a name that sounds similar to the lost or damaged Photoshop file.
  • Change the.tmp extension to.psd.
  • Open the file by trying.

Step 3: Automatic Software to Repair Corrupted PSD Files

We recommend the third-party software Hard Disk Recovery Wizard which is corrupt or unintentionally delete. Hard drive recovery software is capable of repairing all the PSD files easily without any extra effort. Well, it is more suitable for the professional in saving their precious time in the recovery process.


In conclusion, we will talk about all the steps of recovering the PSD file of Photoshop. Here we discussed three steps to repair the corrupted PSD file. The two steps are manual and the third one is professional third-party software to speed up your recovery process.

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