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When you write the tips to find out the best and top web development company in lahore as usual. you find mostly the same tips but many be the order is changed. Where you get 4 or maybe 5 points that must be related to the latest web development trend. Is the company following the latest web development trends?

The client who wants to develop the web development for their business their first priority is that the web development should be latest and trendy. The trend must be changed in every industry, as in the web development industry the web development trends also change with the passage of time.

The client wants the company to be up to date, they know which web development trends followed in the past, which ones are considered to be latest and in upcoming years which web development trends are popular?

The web development company in lahore, considered to be the best web development companies around the world. Because of their working styles, their best services within affordable charges and their knowledge and method to handle new trends and techniques in the web development industry.

From the last few years the web has become more and more ingrained in our lives. As we see everyday,we use this in everything from online banking to reading the newspaper. Because of this web development now everything from everywhere people get what they want minimum in 30 minutes and maximum in 2-3 days at their doorsteps.

Because of the pandemic situation, the demand for web development is increasing. In front of us only those who have their business web development survive and many of the businesses who did well before the pandemic, covid badly affect them.

Most of them shut their business at that time. But at that time businessmen both big or small understood the importance of web development. They are well aware of this fact, if they want to survive in the competitive market they should have to have the digital appearance.

Top web development trends 2022:

Following are the top and latest web development that web development companies like planx follow:
1. Voice search optimization:
The web development companies in Lahore such as planx considered that voice search optimization is one of the latest and most popular trends of web development 2022. The top Web development companies pay proper attention to this software. In 2021 report:
1. 27% of the total web developers around the world prefer to use this technology
2. Around 32% of people world-wide actively used voice search each day as compared to typing the text.
3. Even most businesses include the voice search optimization in their SEO and in business strategy to get
the competitive edge over their competitors.

Dark mode experience

According to the latest study, 8/10 people and active users like and prefer dark and low light websites. These kinds of websites are now in trend by 2022 and popular worldwide. The best and top web development companies like planx also develop mobile apps and web development along with they also offer dark mode standardization.

In this dark mode experience, it allows users to read the content on the lighter character along with the dark background with it. The web development companies in lahore such as planx know the benefits of dark more experience. Those benefits are following:
1. low blue light
2. Less light condition
3. Minimize of eyes strain and dryness
4. Less energy consuming

AMP and PWA:

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages and PWA stands for progressive web apps.
As we know that the active users of the internet are increasing day by day because smartphones are now a more preferable device as compared to laptops and ipads. In advance, a tech phone is like the tiny computer in your hands. Everything that you search on your laptop now you can search and find out through your smartphone. In mobile devices, Google and other search engines prefer and suggest web applications that work quickly for the users.
That is why the web development companies such as PLanx considered using the PWA and AMP. because they know that these are the unique and most popular web development technologies. The benefit of these web technologies that help to decrease the loading time of the web pages.
PWA is the approach somewhere between the mobile apps and mobile devices. It works like native mobile application that provides the applications like experience to the active user as like they get on the browsers.
It is quick and can be worked online and also even in slow internet connection. With the help of PWA, you can engage the people. It also provides the high end user experience. This is very helpful in ecommerce web apps.


Single page application, is one of the most significant and latest trends of 2022. It is the java script web application that loads a single html page in the browsers of the user and dynamically updates the content on the web pages without refreshing the page.

SPA contains/occupies less space on servers and provides the information to users efficiently on the single page without any need for navigation.
Not only improve performance and along with that it provides a more dynamic online experience.
Make the work of the user more faster and functional.

Server less Architecture:

According to the web development companies in lahore, the cloud is the new thing or technology in the web development industry. In 2020, it is considered to be the common one. But in 2022, one of its application models took its place and that model is known as the serverless Architecture.

The main reason behind this application is clear and simple. As the web developers know that the cloud provider gives their servers resources, because of this any need to maintain the physical architecture is eliminated.
Because of this web developers run any code for virtually any type of application or in the backend without any administration.
In this platform web development companies like Planx know that this web development trend doesn’t need any management, provision and upgrades to the servers.

API first approach:

API (application programming interference) first approach the name indicates and refer to the approach where the web solution is connected to the other web applications. The local Web development companies often ignored this platform while making the company web application.

In API first Approach, you will focus on the services and resources. The web developers make the decision to create Application Programming interference. In this platform, you take risks to not be able to deliver the right consumer needs.

No code and low code development:

The main reason behind the development of the no code/ low code development is to make the life of web developers easier. Web development companies like planx preferred to use this software because web developers do not need any continuous practice of coding. No coding errors will be faced by the web developers.

Because of this web developers create any web-sites and web applications without any existential background. It also allows users/ customers to make or create solutions.
There are some benefits of low code development:

1. It provides design templates and pre-built coding blocks for apps and flow that are modified by the web programmers.
2. It reduce the development time of the project
3. Also provide the great scalability feature
4. Without any technical knowledge, users can create with pre-design interference and configuration.
5. Web development companies in lahore such as Planx considered that it it’s one of the best platform for building solution according to business needs.

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