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What is a temp agency and how does it work?

You may hear of staffing agencies but may not be familiar with the term ‘temp agencies’. Well, both terms are used interchangeably as they are the same. You are employed for a temporary time period and thus you are called a short-term contract worker or ‘temp’. Why would you even consider taking a part-time job? A temp agency goes through your CV and interviews you for a temporary position at a company. This is a golden opportunity to testify to your capability and a job scope without committing to all the responsibilities of a position. Additionally, if you have prior experience working as a temp for a company, it can end up turning into a more permanent position when the right time will come. 

You can find temp jobs in any industry and at any company level. A temp agency can help you reach a company that was your dream and that was impossible to achieve by yourself. If you are the unlucky unemployed person who hasn’t found the right fit yet, then reach out to temp agencies and get opportunities. However, you should understand how temp agencies work. 

Why companies hire temps?

In any company, some positions are permanent, while seasonal jobs are also there for temps. These may include customer service representatives on holidays or accountants during the tax season. Well, it all depends on the need of the company. Other options include hiring nurses in pandemics to manage workforce shortage, web developers for a project, etc. 

Moreover, as the work burden increases, the companies are looking to hire temps to get through this. In some cases, it is to release the tension of overworked staff, while often it maybe substituting a worker on leave. 

How do temp agencies work?

A company looking for temps will contact a temp agency to provide them workers. You need to sign up with any temp agency in the same way as you apply for jobs. On receiving your CV, the agency will contact you for the interview and then match the appropriate client to fit you in a job.

Interviews by temp agencies are designed to evaluate your skill levels and work preferences. Followed by this, the temp agency will categorize you on the basis of interview data. You will then need to sign a contract that will list your salary, per diem rate, and others like this. Some temp agencies bound you for not working for any other staffing agency. It implies that you can no more signup with other staffing agencies. You should not work with a company that charges a placement fee. Always look for reputable agencies to start working as a temp. 

Benefits of working as a temp worker

Temp jobs offer you worthy experience while working in different sectors and job environments. You may take it as a paid internship if you are a fresh graduate. It will be a great opportunity to test your skills and identify the strengths to take the next step in your career. You can add temp job experience to your resume. Such jobs allow you to work flexibly. 

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