Tplink Deco Mesh System

How to Solve Slow WiFi Speed Of Tplink Deco Mesh System Instantly?

The Tp-link Deco is a whole-home WiFi network system. It offers incredible network coverage than the router & extender device. The deco system works with 3 units that deliver seamless coverage. The wireless range absolutely covers 5,500 square feet. With this coverage, no more dead zone is here in your home. The wifi network is stable & seamless rather than the traditional router. Moreover, the Tplink Deco Mesh system enables you to enjoy seamlessly & ultimate roaming throughout your residence. The Adaptive routing technology of the mesh system allows selecting the fastest path for every device. The security encryption feature works with the deco mesh system then delivers a very secure network for every networking device. 

Moreover, the wired device simply & effortlessly access the network connectivity because the wired Gigabit Ethernet port is built-in. Then with this port, you can simply establish the connection. If you wish to access the network in-home network device, then you need to perform the setup. The deco app completely allows doing the wireless setup in just a minute. But for this, you must install or download this app. 

Problems: WiFi Speed Slow Of Tplink Deco Mesh System

The Tplink deco system offers high-speed network connectivity. The network coverage of this system is incredible & high. The network connectivity completely covers the whole home area. The dual-band works with this deco unit. Then, with the dual-band network, the network connectivity is the fastest & speedy. The deco mesh system thoroughly works with the Alexa device. If you connect the Deco unit to Alexa, you can control and operate the VoFi system with your voice.

But sometimes, the issue comes, the deco unit offers a slow or weak WiFi network. Then, with the slow WiFi, the user cannot be able to watch 4K video as well as a play gaming console. If the WiFi network is slow of the deco WiFi system then you should check the issue. There are some problems due to the WiFi speed being slow. 

  • Not place the deco unit incorrect location
  • Ethernet cable faulty in wired connection
  • Not support 5GHz network in wireless connection
  • Multiple devices connect to the deco unit

Troubleshooting: WiFi Speed Slow Of Tplink Deco Mesh System

If the WiFi range of the tp-link deco WiFi system is slow or weak then you can simply enhance the WiFi range by following some solutions. These solutions are as follows in the proper way. 

Enable 5GHz network in wireless connection

If you connect your mobile phone or laptop device by using a single SSID & password, but not getting full high-speed then you ensure the network. Because sometimes, the 5GHz network is not enabled due to network connectivity being slow. In the wireless connection, the 5GHz network is essential. You can simply enable the 5GHz network. With the default login ip address, you visit the login wizard. Then, in this wizard, you have to write the password. After that, visit the setting & select the network option. Under this option, accurately enable the 5GHz network. With the 5GHz network, you absolutely get the fastest wireless network.

Verify the Ethernet cable connection in wired connection

If you connect your PC or smart TV with the deco mesh WiFi system using the Ethernet cable. But do not approach the high-speed signals then you should verify the Ethernet connection. Many times, the Ethernet cable does not properly plug into the available Ethernet port due to the connection not being established. To resolve the speed issue, you have to carefully & accurately plug the Ethernet cable into an available Ethernet port of your device as well as a deco unit. 

Verify the network status of the deco unit 

Sometimes, multiple network devices are connected to the tp-link deco unit due to the WiFi range being slow. For this, you have to verify the network status. To verify the status, you need to log in to an ip address. In the address bar of the web interface, mention Then, this address redirects the login interface. Just put the login details & click the login option. Under the setting verify the network status. If multiple devices are connected to the deco unit, then quickly change the WiFi password. 

Relocate the deco mesh WiFi system 

Many times, you install the Tp-Link deco unit in the corner of the home. With this location, you are facing interrupted network signals. Moreover, no device is connected to the deco unit with such a location. If you repeatedly face interrupted network signals, then you need to relocate the deco mesh unit. You should place or install the deco unit in the center area of your home. Furthermore, ensure you do not place the deco unit near the heating source as well as direct sunlight. 

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