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How to Make Reels on Instagram?

In June 2021, Instagram launched the long-awaited short video format Reels. So the social network is trying to compete with TikTok, and at the same time keep users inside the application even longer. Here’s the biggest update of the year and we urge you to get your first Reels on Instagram out now.

What is Reels on Instagram

Reels is one of the post formats on Instagram, these are short dynamic videos 15, 30 or 60 seconds long (the ability to create videos of 60 seconds is not yet available to all users). You can add music, effects, text to the videos.

Short videos are the biggest trend of 2020-2021, and it’s obvious to everyone that the developers of Instagram added the Reels feature to the app out of a desire to compete with TikTok.

In early July 2021, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced that the social network was changing its positioning and would now prioritize videos over photos. And this is noticeable, because now the “central” button of the application leads to Reels on Instagram, although earlier it could be used to upload a new post or story.

In general, Reels on Instagram is similar to TikTok in everything – you can “swipe” the video feed endlessly, and the selection of videos is formed according to the user’s interests. Effects, editing options, filters – the same as in TikTok, but there are fewer functions so far, although this is probably only a matter of time.

Under each video, the song playing in the video is indicated, and users indicate hashtags with keywords.

How to add Reels to Instagram

There are three ways to post a new video:

  • click on the + button in the profile → video Reels;
  • swipe left to record stories → scroll down to the Reels function;
  • click the Reels button at the bottom of the screen → click the camera icon in the top right corner.

So you got to the section for creating Reels.

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How to make Reels on Instagram

How to create Reels on Instagram?

To get started, read the detailed instructions from Instagram – it describes the basic rules for publishing Reels on Instagram, video settings, and the principles by which the social network shows videos to other users.

As with the stories feature, you can shoot a video directly in the application or download it from your smartphone.

We shoot a new video right in the application

Go to Reels on Instagram and set the desired settings.

  • Audio Track – Select a track for the video.
  • Duration — set the length of the video (from 15 to 60 seconds). 
  • Speed ​​is a parameter for playing the finished video. Choose 3x and 5x to slow down, and 2x and 4x to speed up. Normal playback speed is 1x.
  • Effects — selection of masks and filters for the video.
  • Retouch — option for automatic video retouching.
  • Video collage – allows you to add up to 3 video fragments to one screen.
  • Timer – sets the time to start shooting. A handy feature when you need to shoot yourself on a tripod.

You can also turn on the flash or select night mode while recording Reels. 

So, the settings have been chosen – start shooting. Press the center button to start recording. 

The finished video consists either of one “frame” or of several segments of different videos. To capture multiple moments, you need to successively press and release the record button.

To edit or delete captured clips, you need to click “Back”. As soon as the planned “montage” has developed, click on “Preview”.

What can be done next: add music (if you didn’t choose a track right away), re-sound the video, add stickers, inscriptions, effects.

If you are inserting text or a sticker, then hold down the element and in the panel that appears, mark at what time it will appear in the video. Click Attach.

Roller ready? Click “Next”. Now add a description and a cover.

The maximum length of a video description in Reels is 2108 characters. You can use hashtags, mentions, and emojis.

Choose a cover – or mark any frame from the video, or upload another picture from the gallery. In addition, it is separately important to choose a square cover format that will be displayed in the general feed. This is done by clicking the “Crop profile photo” button.

If necessary, tag people who are in your video.

Have you done everything right? Click on the share button and your video will appear in the Reels feed.

Download video from gallery

How to Make Reels on Instagram?

In general, the scheme for creating Reels on Instagram does not change much, but now you do not shoot frames at once, but sequentially upload them from the smartphone gallery. In terms of editing, this is much more convenient than recording video on the go.

When uploading, select a video fragment that will be included in the final video. If you didn’t do it right away, then you can always go back a step and trim a certain fragment. By the way, Reels do not have to be made from videos, cool videos can also be made from a selection of photos.  

The next steps are the same: add stickers, text, effects, overlay music or sound the video yourself, make a cover and description and put it in the feed. 

Where Reels appear after publication 

First, in a separate Reels tab on the profile page. Secondly, in the main feed with all the posts. The videos will be marked with a special icon.  

How to view reel statistics

Open the video, go to its settings and click on the “Statistics” section.

Statistics show coverage, views, likes, comments, reposts. 

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