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 How long does it take Survey Junkie to pay?

Who does not like to earn extra money ? I know you do because you are on this site, reading this post. Survey Junkie won’t make you rich, but you can earn extra money in your spare time , to help pay bills, go on nights out, or much more.

Is Survey Junkie legit?

The short answer is Yes . “The site will actually do what it says – trade your time taking surveys for money. Survey Junkie is not a scam. It’s a legitimate way to earn extra money .

You won’t get rich. But they won’t rip you off either. You can join Survey Junkie and learn how to use the site in a few minutes.

How does Survey Junkie work?

Survey Junkie has two ways to make money, both around the premise of market research, and by informing brands.

Carrying out surveys

The first way is the same as any other paid survey website : You make money with Survey Junkie by taking surveys . Once you’ve set up your account, you can start making them right away.

With Survey Junkie , you’re not just answering general questions about politics, for example. The questions are focused and allow you to express your opinion. This, in turn, helps brands offer better products and services.

Before you click complete surveys , you can see how many points the survey will give you. You can also see an estimated time to complete it.

Surveys typically range from 10 to 200 points, and can take anywhere from a few minutes to 20 or 30 minutes. These are good features so you have a clear idea of ​​the time commitment and reward.

Once you’ve taken enough paid surveys to reach the $10 minimum, you can get paid. Redeem your survey points for cash or gift cards . Some of the gift cards are from big names like Starbucks and Amazon . If you prefer to just withdraw money, Survey Junkie will send the money directly to your PayPal account .

Once you have finished a survey, your points will appear in the Points column on the left side of your computer screen.

Survey Pulse

The second way to make money with Survey Junkie is through their companion program called ” Survey Pulse “, which allows you to share your online activity with brands in exchange for bonus points.

Once the extension knows more about your browsing habits, it will find additional surveys unlocked that are relevant and targeted to you.

What activity does it track?

  • What you are looking for.
  • Websites you visit.
  • shopping activity.
  • Ads you see.
  • Content you interact with.

Can you really make money with Survey Junkie?

Yes, you can earn real money with Survey Junkie , but the question is, “How much can I earn ?” In other words, is it worth your time ?

Well, let’s just say this is not a career option. However, it can be a good replacement for wasting time on YouTube or engaging in discussions on Twitter . Why not make some dollar bills ? You could take surveys while watching Netflix . But let’s look at the reward-to-time commitment ratio and see if you think it’s worth spending your time on.

How does Survey Junkie pay?

We are answering surveys because we want extra money in our pockets. So, here are the details on how that process works:

Survey Junkie Points for Money

Once you reach 1,000 points, you’ve reached the withdrawal threshold: $10. You can then choose to transfer money to your PayPal account or redeem it for gift cards from Amazon or a variety of other stores and restaurants.

Your points will expire if you stop using your account. To keep your account active and ensure you keep your points, you just need to take a paid survey at least once every 12 months. Many other survey sites expire your points much sooner than 12 months.

Plus, you can earn points for surveys you take that you don’t qualify for. Some paid survey sites will take you through a survey , just so you know you don’t qualify for it. That means you don’t earn any points, you’ve just wasted your time.

With Survey Junkie , you can earn points even if you take a survey you don’t qualify for.

Collection : Paypal or gift cards

Survey Junkie pays through PayPal or by sending you gift cards to leading retailers like Amazon , Target , and Starbucks .

If you want the money instead of gift cards, you’ll need a PayPal account. Fortunately, PayPal is easy to use, both for receiving and sending money.

Is Survey Junkie worth it?

I used to think that taking paid online surveys for extra money was a waste of time. But I’ve come to this concept as a sideline because it’s easy to do. It is also less intrusive than other survey site platforms.

So is Survey Junkie worth it ? Is it a good way to earn extra money ? Yes, definitely.

Although the dollar signs are not that big, we are talking about extra money that we are talking about. Money that is not in your bank account, which could be. And you can spend just a few minutes a day to earn a couple of hundred dollars a month. Think about what you could buy with a few extra dollars each month.

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