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Dubai Desert Safaris

I’m proud to say that our hard work pays off most of the time, and we’re delighted with how many happy guests have responded. Unfortunately, we sometimes drop the ball, forget something, or don’t do as well as we usually do. A desert safari in Dubai has a lot of moving parts, and we have to deal with new staff, traffic, broken vehicles, demanding guests, animals moving around, computer problems, and even Mother Nature to make sure everything goes smoothly. We know we’re not perfect, but we work very hard to ensure that everyone who comes on a desert safari with us has a great time. But I just finished writing a letter to a guest who wasn’t happy with the service. Instead, he was angry that his car got stuck in the sand and had to wait while we pulled it out.

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 Myth: If my car gets stuck in the sand, it will be a pain.

Before the best people in our field can say they are experts on the sand, it takes them years and years of experience.

Myth: All I did on my camel ride was walk in a circle.

I’ve seen this comment on reviews like The Planet Adventures, TripAdvisor, Get Your Guide and Viator. These reviewers don’t know that camels have eyesight very similar to humans’, which means they can’t see in the dark. So, if your desert safari company took you on a long walk through the dunes at night, there is a big chance that a camel would trip, get scared, run away, or do something else wrong, none of which would be good for the poor passenger riding on top. The camels could see a “runway” lit up, but this would be a terrible eyesore. 

Myth: Only older people go on safaris without Dune Bashing.

One of our online reviews said this… Not very interesting. No hard work, so good for older people. We almost have to say we’re sorry that we don’t offer dune-bashing safaris. We were the first (and are still the only) desert safari company in Dubai not to do a dune bash. Second, we don’t think making a guest sick or hurt is fun or safe. Third, we know responsible parents don’t want to put their kids in danger with a Safari Guide. Lastly, they are right that older guests can get hurt seriously on a dune bash safari.

Myth: The desert is always full of animals.

Again, this is a quote from a review on the Internet… There are water troughs and salt licks along the trail, so it’s clear what to do. At last count, 114 different companies in Dubai offered desert safaris. Only two companies have met the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve’s strict requirements to provide wildlife drives. Even with all this work, some guests still think it will be like a zoo, with animals running around like a big herd of wildebeest crossing the Masai Mara. Others see feeding stations and think they were put there to get animals to come to our trails. On the contrary, these feeding spots are moved around the reserve all the time to let wild animals dig for food and graze naturally. So, some days you’ll see a lot of animals, while other days you’ll have to look everywhere to find any. 

Myth: Traditional Emirati folk dances include belly dancing and Tanoura

Both belly dancing and Tanura dancing are hard to understand in Dubai. Both of these dances have no historical roots in Emirati culture and only serve to confuse visitors about the history and culture of the area.

Myth: Almost all desert safaris are the same.

You still get what you pay for, as the old saying goes. There is a huge range in the quality of Safari Guides, safety, insurance, cleanliness of dunes, access to wildlife, quality of food, and atmosphere of camps. Find out what’s important to you and don’t let trying to save money ruin your holiday memories.

Myth: The hotel concierge will always tell you which desert safari in Dubai is the best.

This is not always the case, though. If the guest knew the differences, they could choose what would be best for them. Unfortunately, many hotels have a supplier that they have to work with.

Myth: If I wait until the last minute to book, I’ll get a better deal.

Safari Desert Dubai never sell out. This may be true for some experiences, but the best ones often sell out weeks ahead of time, especially around Christmas and Easter. The best advice is to choose the best safari before you get to Dubai, so you don’t end up disappointed.

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