Leh Ladakh Tour: Complete Guide


Ladakh is almost well-known to everyone in India and when we think about Ladakh first thing that comes to our mind is skyrocketing Mountains and snow are the first things but Ladakh has a lot more for us in its beautiful Landscape when you visit Ladakh you will just not see some natural scenic beauty but boggling unrealistic things Like Magnetic hill where the vehicle goes upside without the ignition on that’s so magical and many more things are there to do in Ladakh we don’t know about the best places, how to reach which time is the best don’t worry when we are here. Here are all the details you need before going to Ladakh.

Best Places To Visit In Ladakh

Ladakh is a place where every kilometre of nature changes how it looked one minute ago in a place like this you will be amazed by the beauty of the place and there are places that will make you stay for a long time because of peace, silence, the beauty of those places mother nature gives us everything which it has for us in Ladakh is a place which has the bluest sky you will ever see in your life in any place, Ladakh have some of the highest motorable roads in the world so in one trip you will not be able to cover all that so here are some of the best places to make your Ladakh visit to enjoy to its fullest.

Shanti stupa

Shanti stupa is a beautiful Tomb like structure on the mountain near Leh city and this place has such a vibe you will want to stay forever in this place Shanti stupa is one of the best places to watch the sunset in ladakh this place must be in your itinerary of ladakh.   

Pangong lake

Also known as Tso Pangong lake this lake is one of the biggest lakes situated at an altitude of 8000ft above sea level this lake almost looks like an ocean this lake is almost 130 km long and divided into 5 lakes from a same point of the name as Tso this place is a magical place at such a high distance you should visit this place when you visit Ladakh.

Magnetic hill

This is the place which I have mentioned in the first paragraph. This place is one of the best places to visit in Leh city. It is not so far from this place so this is a must-visit place in Ladakh.

Nubra valley

Nubra valley has a very different appearance in itself you will see the valley of white sand a double humped camel which is very rare in India or I can say in anywhere in the world this place is away from most of the modern things it has its own culture and monastery Thiksey Monastery in heart of this valley is year old and is of 10 story building which has a place for almost 500 and more monk.

Khardung La Pass

Khardungla pass is one of the biggest passes in India it is the highest Motorable road in India this place is so high altitude that people like us who are not local only stay for at least 15 to 30 minutes otherwise we will be having issue in breathing and other issues but the view of this place you will love to stay for a long time but your body will not allow you.

How To Reach Leh Ladakh

Leh city in Ladakh is one of the best cities to start your Ladakh tour as Leh city is well connected to all the transport ways like roadways and there is an airport in Leh. you can take a flight from Delhi or Chandigarh to Leh or you can come by roadways as most people come by two-wheeler as ladakh is Famous for bike trips but some people prefer comfort over the bike so they come with their car there are the different route to reach Leh as you can come from the Srinagar way or you can take Manali route which takes you from the atal tunnel.

Best Time To Visit Leh 

Ladakh is a place where you can visit all year round but during peak winter this place’s Weather is not good for us as we will not be able to handle this many low temperatures like minus degrees. Other than this time Ladakh is a place that will make you fall in love with its beauty. If you are planning to go for a Leh Ladakh bike trip, then summer months are recommended. If you are a first-timer you should visit during winter as there will be fewer challenges for you compared to wintertime. 

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