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Charlie Puth and BTS’ Jungkook ‘Left and Right’ Music Video features QR Code

June 24th became a special day for Puthinators and ARMYs as Charlie Puth digitally released his single ‘Left and Right,’ where he collaborated with BTS’ golden maknae Jungkook.

The single is the American crooner’s third song this year after his earlier releases: “Light Switch” in January, and “That’s Hilarious” in April.

These three songs will become part of Puth’s third studio album ‘Charlie’ set to release further this year.

The collaboration also marked the start of Jungkook’s solo projects after the Grammy-nominated K-pop act announced their indefinite hiatus on June 14th.

What’s more, the music video featured the use of a QR code generator as a QR code flashed in one of its scenes.

What was in the QR code in the ‘Left and Right’ MV?

The 1:45 time stamp of the music video resembled a TV commercial featuring a product that’s now offered for free.

At the bottom left corner of the screen was a QR code with the words “Scan Me” below it.

When scanned, the code routed viewers to Charlie Puth’s official website charlieputh.com. Fans can pre-order a limited-edition CD single of ‘Left and Right.’

This strategic move will help increase pre-orders and sales of the song’s physical copy.

How else can artists use QR codes in their music videos?

We compiled seven creative ways that music acts can use QR codes on their music videos.

1. Promote social media

Social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram help artists promote their music, connect with their loyal fans, and increase their fanbase.

Acts can use an all-in-one social media QR code to promote various socials in their music video.

This dynamic QR code can store all your social handles and display them all on one landing page.

2. Boost Spotify stats

Spotify is among the leading music streaming services that provide musicians with an avenue to endorse their music to a global audience.

A Spotify QR code can help them boost their number of listeners on the platform, and this can make it easier for their songs to become famous.

3. Lyrics with hidden messages

Singers like Taylor Swift include hidden messages in the lyric booklets that come with their released albums.

Music acts can give this a digital twist using a PDF QR code to store their lyrics. This QR code can also route K-Pop fans to a song’s official fan chant guide.

4. Route to official website

Musicians can use a URL QR code on their music videos to redirect fans to their official website, just like Charlie Puth did.

Fans can then browse for official merch, tour dates, ticket prices, and other exclusive content.

5. Limited-time coupons

Some fans eagerly wait for a music video to drop so that they can be the first to leave a comment. Artists can then surprise these early birds with a coupon QR code in the video.

This can route fans to a redeemable coupon that they can use when they purchase official merch or albums.

When used with a dynamic free QR code generator online, artists can set the code to expire after reaching a set number of scans. This will limit the number of people who can redeem the coupon.

6. Teaser videos

Singers drop a lead single to generate buzz for their upcoming studio album. They can use a video QR code in the single’s MV to get more people talking.

The QR code can bring scanning viewers to a teaser of the singer’s to-be-released album.

7. Donation drives

Everyone’s hearts melted when Ariana Grande organized the One Love Manchester concert to raise funds for the victims of the Manchester bombing in 2017.

Similarly, artists can launch a donation campaign in their music videos with a QR code. Viewers who scan the code will land on a page where they can donate money from their digital wallets.

QR codes in music videos: a multi-purpose tech tool

Charlie Puth may be one of the first artists to use a QR code on his music video, but he certainly won’t be the last.

For all we know, he just blazed a trail for other artists in the music industry. We can indeed look forward to seeing more QR codes in the music videos to come.

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