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Do you know these British brands that the British like

When it comes to shopping in the UK , everyone’s heart must be inseparable from Burberry. Every December to January in winter or July to August in summer is a crazy discount season. Major shopping malls and Outlets will sell at half price or even more. All low discounts are available.

In fact, as long as it comes to British brands and British-style designs, whether it is clothing, shoes, watches, perfumes, lotions, hair care, and skin care, they all have their own unique charm.

Today, let’s take stock of the classic British brands, so that you can quickly understand them when you come to the UK to travel, study and work. You can also do your homework early for the annual big wool promotion.

Fashion Clothing and Bags


When it comes to classic British brands, it is natural to think of noble, delicate, elegant, fashion, retro and other beautiful words. Burberry satisfies all your imagination of traditional British brands, and is almost a brand that can represent the United Kingdom.

This well-known British brand has become a banner of British fashion in the course of a century of development. When it comes to the United Kingdom, burberry will come to mind, and everyone will naturally think of his windbreaker. Burberry’s classic plaid pattern, unique fabric function and generous and elegant tailoring have become synonymous with British style.

The British royal family is also very supportive of local brands and often endorses it for free!

In 1955, Burberry received the “Royal Warrant” badge awarded by Queen Elizabeth II; in 1989, Burberry received the “Royal Warrant” badge awarded by the Prince of Wales. Burberry’s history and quality, in addition to being loved by the royal family, even symbolize the nation and culture of Britain.


Clarks was founded in 1825 and has a history of more than 200 years in the UK. Its exquisite shoemaking craftsmanship combines British fashion and comfort.

Today Clarks has become synonymous with comfortable leather shoes and a symbol of comfort and quality of life. If you want to transform yourself into a British gentleman, then wearing a pair of Clarks leather shoes can definitely make you look good.

They have a wide range of shoes, and the price is very cost-effective in the UK. If you have time to travel to Bath or Stonehenge , you can go to Clarks’ exclusive Outlet Clarks Factory Shop not far away to buy, seasonal discounts or out-of-season items at about £15-£25. Dont miss Clarks Discount Code NHS

The Cambridge Satchel|Cambridge Satchel

This small backpack with a simple and elegant design is simply a miracle in the history of entrepreneurship. Founded in 2008, it was originally just a mother who wanted to raise tuition for her daughter to go to a private school. She found a craftsman to make some schoolbags designed by herself, and did a little business at the school gate. In just three or four years, Cambridge bags became popular. The UK has become the IT BAG of the fashion industry.

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The tough leather of the Cambridge bag, the retro shape, full of rich scholarly flavor, and the rigor and tradition of England, are popular among all ages.

With her high-quality British fashion image, she was received by the Queen and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In 2013, she was awarded “The Queen’s Award for International Trade” by the Queen of England. She has also appeared in fashion magazines Look, Vogue Italia, Elle, Marie Claire, and folk songs. Taylor swift, the little diva, is also a lover of their home.

In recent years, the brand has also launched a lot of small fresh and artistic bags with soft leather, smooth design and rounded lines, but the most popular is still the 13-inch classic messenger bag, tough leather, simple lines, neutral temperament, male and female Applicable to all, it is a typical representative of the British academic style. Those who like the academic style must go on a pilgrimage!

Links of London

Links of London is a British-born modern jewellery brand, mainly designing sterling silver and 18K gold jewellery watches and more. The product design of his family is very fashionable and contains unrestrained imagination.

Links of London has won the annual jewelry award in the UK Jewellery Awards for three consecutive years. Even Princess Kate wore his earrings when taking engagement photos. The new era princess also chose her earrings on many fashion occasions. !

Alexander Mcqueen McQueen

When it comes to McQueen, he is definitely a genius in fashion design that no one knows about. But on the other hand, few people know that he is a British brand.

McQueen is unconventional with his extraordinary creativity and willful expression. His designs are imaginative, bold in color, imaginative, romantic and bold, full of drama, and people will know that it is McQueen when they see it.

The shape of the clothes is very good, and they will not be deformed after washing. The design and quality are the best representatives of British brands.


The Body Shop|The Body Shop

The Body Shop is the most famous pure natural green skin care brand in the UK. It was established in the small town of Brighton in the UK in the 1970s and is one of the most famous brands in the UK. Kind of like the British version of Dabao.

Through five concepts, TBS opposes animal experiments, supports community fair trade, advocates consciousness, defends human rights, and protects the earth. Its natural ingredients, emphasis on natural life development, and environmental awareness have become a global British brand.

The Body Shop’s products include facial care series, shower and shampoo series, body care series, aromatherapy series, make-up series, etc. The price is affordable and the ingredients are natural. The TBS store also often has activities, such as 3 for 2, half price for the second piece, buy 25 for 10 pounds and other discounts, and there will be gift box sets on holidays, which are generously and beautifully packaged.

Neal’s Yard Remedies

NYR is a well-known local organic skin care brand in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1981. It started with essential oils at first, and now its product line has expanded to face and body skin care. It is the largest and most popular local organic skin care product in the United Kingdom.

There are many aromatherapy shops in London, and they have their own organic plant farms. Because the raw materials of NYR’s products have all passed the organic certification of the highest standard in the UK, do not contain any harmful synthetic chemicals, no preservatives, no fragrance, no coloring, no SLS, etc., mild and non-irritating, especially suitable for use during pregnancy.

NYR’s packaging is all “Turkish blue” glass bottles, which can be recycled after use, deeply integrating the concept of health and environmental protection into the brand.

The skin care line is divided into frankincense, rose, orange blossom, white tea and other series, as well as essential oils and body care products.

The most well-known is the frankincense cream, which is very nourishing and moisturizing. Folks call it the affordable version of La Mer. Personally, I think the so-called affordable version of La Mer is also a statement. La Mer itself focuses on conditioning and repairing. Whether it is moisturizing or frankincense cream is better, desert dry skin is worth a try.


Rodial is the most high-end organic skin care brand in the UK. It claims to have an effect comparable to that of plastic surgery. It has always been favored by British dermatologists and plastic surgeons, and has always been sought after by international first-line stars.

Many big-name celebrities and supermodels are its loyal fans, such as Beckham, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie are all loyal fans of the star anti-wrinkle product Snake Venom Anti-aging Serum. Selected several of its products.

The strength of Rodial lies in the fact that they have successfully extracted the ellagic acid and tannin components in natural organic red pomegranate, which can achieve the best effect of anti-aging, firming the skin and stimulating collagen regeneration, and provide targeted and powerful solutions. Skin problems such as wrinkles, age spots, cellulite and stretch marks.

Their product lines are numerous, including Long Vitamin C Brightening Series, Rose Gold Anti-aging Series, Plant Stem Cell Series, Blood Anti-Wrinkle Series, Poison Anti-Wrinkle Series, Viper Anti-Wrinkle Series, Slimming Series, Efficient Maintenance Series, Whitening Series, etc. Among them, the dragon blood firming series and the snake venom series are well-deserved star products. The effect of lightening and tightening is first-class, and it is worth trying. Save with Rodial Discount Code

Crabtree & Evelyn|Crabtree

Crabtree & Evelyn is mainly known for its natural skin care products, and it is still an old brand in the British skin care industry.

Thirty years ago, it was just a family business specializing in the manufacture of soaps. Now she is a brand that symbolizes the elegance and aristocracy of the United Kingdom. The products include daily skin care products, essential oil perfumes, natural foods containing essential oils, home decoration and even pure cotton home furnishing. Clothing, Crabtree & Evelyn can be seen in many Hollywood movies, and Kelly always wears Crabtree’s pajamas in “Sex and the City”.

The most well-known and best-selling products are lotions and hand creams with various fragrances. It is suitable for dry hands and feet or basic maintenance. It is also possible to change a fragrance every day to satisfy different moods.

Eve Lom

Eve Lom is a British natural brand, best known for its makeup remover, known as the best cleanser in the world.

It contains a variety of fragrant essential oils, the antibacterial properties of clove oil, and Egyptian chamomile and cocoa butter to moisturise the skin at the same time. The creamy texture, with a faint herbal smell, melts immediately after applying it on the face, quickly swept away facial makeup, dirt and oil stains, and even the blackheads and whiteheads in the pores can be gently emulsified and removed.

Because it was too popular, other skin care products were launched one after another, but the sales and popularity were still crushed by the makeup remover. Occasionally, the first-aid mask could break through the siege, and the final result was still a big victory for the makeup remover. As long as there is a list of beauty products, Eve Lom makeup remover will always be on the list.

Jo Malone|Jo Malone

The first impression of the UK is the scent from London. Almost every girl is quite familiar with Jo Malone , a very popular perfume brand.

A bottle of perfume embodies a person’s taste, and it is most vividly displayed here in Jo Malone. Jo’s perfumes are almost all named after raw materials, and Jo’s perfume philosophy is to use a variety of scents to match a variety of distinctive aromas, and find their own unique scent.

In addition to fragrances, there are also candles, lotions and bath products, which are also welcomed by everyone. And Jo Malone in the UK will launch a limited fragrance, which is not available elsewhere.

Health care mother and baby

Holland & Barrett | Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett is the largest health care product brand in the UK, with a history of nearly 100 years.

The HB family has more than 5,000 types of products, covering from infants to silver-haired people, and is deeply trusted by the British royal family and ordinary people.

Health products are mainly divided into vitamins, minerals, herbal products, sports series, nutritional supplements and weight loss series; natural and organic skin care products mainly include skin care, hair care, essential oils, infant skin care, etc.; healthy foods include organic grains, nuts, Preserved fruit, tea, etc. Shop now using Holland & Barrett discount code nhs

Especially their fish oil, cod liver oil, calcium tablets, lecithin, propolis, vitamin E, weight loss products, protein powder, evening primrose and grape seed extract are very popular.

Cow & Gate|Cowpen

The British cowpen milk powder originated in 1711 and has been engaged in dairy manufacturing for more than 300 years. It is the oldest dairy company in the world.

The products include infant formula milk powder, medical milk powder, complementary food for infants and young children, snacks, feeding bottles, etc. Since its establishment, Niulan products have never had safety problems, and are recognized as a model for food safety in the world. All cow-pen milk powder sold in the UK today is sourced from natural, pollution-free Irish pastures.


When it comes to safety seats, many mothers will mention Britax. Yes, this is the British brand Britax, which is born and raised in the world and has created a safe and comfortable travel environment for countless babies.

Of course, there are also the silent endorsements of the little British princes and princesses. Prince William and Princess Kate, who have both sons and daughters, will always appear in the warm picture of their family, and the EMI baby safety carrier will always appear, which is why the EMI Britax is named “the royal family”.

EMI is not only a well-known car seat brand in the UK, but also in the whole of Europe. Not only does it produce the highest quality and safest seats, it also drives legislation on child safety seats across Europe, it also drives new safety seat regulations, all of which keep countless children safe from harm on the road.

EMI has made important contributions to enhancing children’s safe travel, and also establishe EMI as the king of the child safety seat industry.

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