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bodHOST Review- How Secure and Reliable Is your Web Hosting Provider?

Just like every house requires a strong foundation to stand the test of time and be long-lasting. Your website is the same. The foundation of your website relies on your web hosting provider to be strong, secure, and reliable to build a smooth functioning website on it. As your website grows and starts encountering higher amounts of traffic, thus requiring more resources, the web hosting service providers play a huge role in your success.

Let’s take a look at the security and reliability parameters. You need to take a look at it before you select a web hosting provider.

The elements you need to check in your web hosting service to ensure maximum security and reliability include:

1. SSL Certificates

If you are wondering if your website requires an SSL certificate, the answer is a resounding yes.

SSL certificates offer encryption of your entire database and your website. To ensure that no hacker will be able to gain access to your confidential information. It is additionally helpful if you run a website that deals with customers’ sensitive data including credit card details, email IDs, and residential addresses.

Wondering what an SSL certificate actually does? Well, to begin with, all the data that is sent to and fro between the visitors and your website completely encrypted. It results in your information being protected from the prying eyes of any hackers or anyone who does not have express permission to access it.

Additionally, the green padlock placed on the user’s browser when they request to access your website is an indication that your website is safe and trustworthy. So they feel more comfortable entrusting you with their sensitive information.

Your domain name changed from the usual ‘http:\\’. to ‘https:\\’. The most important benefit is that Google takes SSL-certified websites into consideration to rank them higher. Hence, it proves to be advantageous for your SEO as well.

2. Website Backups 

Finance websites aren’t the only targets of cyberattacks such as viruses and ransomware. General websites are also falling victims to malicious attacks by hackers at an alarming rate. These attacks can cause damage at a very large scale and result in irrevocable consequences in a lot of instances. It could also lead to local hard disk or server failure.

Hence, a web hosting provider that ensures regular backups can be a saving grace in such instances. This can ensure that you have a copy of your database. And a website that can be restored easily, which can minimize downtime and lead to high availability.

3. Technical Support 

While customer support is a part of all web hosting providers, the more important part is selecting a hosting service. That offers technical support that is available day and night. You might encounter several problems while running a website. This means having technical support available 24/7 can be a boon since you do not have to worry about encountering a problem while your support is not available. Your issues will be resolved without delay and smooth functioning restored. 

A support team that is available when you really require it means the web hosting provider is both secure and reliable. Hence, the perfect choice to invest in. In order to have a complete understanding of their support features, ensure that they can be contacted via a number of ways such as phone, live chat, or tickets.

4. Uptime and Availability

Any provider that ensures your website experiences high availability and uptime of at least 99.5% is the perfect choice for you. You can enquire with your web hosting provider about the various measures that take to ensure maximum uptime and availability as it forms the foundation of a well-functioning website. 

Basically, over the course of a month, 99.95% uptime amounts to approximately 43.2% maximum downtime due to various reasons. It does not mean that you will necessarily experience this amount of downtime. It could be much lesser, or none at all.

In fact, there is a good chance that most web hosting services have a backup plan ready to ensure minimum downtime. Enquire with your web hosting provider about the measures they have in place to guarantee 99.95% or more uptime as it ensures your visitors can access your website for a long time.

Which reliable and secure plans does bodHOST offer?

There are a variety of plans that you can benefit from. Let’s take a look.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting includes multiple users hosted on the same physical server while sharing its resources such as bandwidth, storage space, and much more. bodHOST offers some of the best cPanel web hosting features at an extremely budget-friendly cost. 

bodHOST Shared Hosting Pricing

2. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting customizes web hosting for WordPress websites. bodHOST offers WordPress hosting with pre-installed WordPress, along with a WordPress toolkit to hit the ground running. Its performance hardware and security optimized WordPress hosting ensures smooth performance and maximum uptime of 99.95%.

bodHOST WordPress Hosting Pricing

3. VPS hosting

Virtual private servers include the physical server that is virtually divided into a number of parts, with every user assigned a single part with its own dedicated resources and privacy. bodHOST offers you the choice of selecting your operating system and an R1Soft Backup to keep your website and entire database secure. 

bodHOST VPS Hosting Pricing


bodHOST is one of the best web hosting providers globally. Their cost-efficient prices attract startup business owners from all around the world. Its brilliant features such as unlimited bandwidth and disk space, website migration free of cost, and maximum uptime make it perfect for businesses of all sizes.

bodHOST offers smooth performance along with 24/7 customer service that makes it an extremely responsive and reliable web hosting service. Their security measures include SSL certificates and regular backups. Which can put your mind free to focus on other aspects of your business while they have your back.

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