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Best Laptop Bags In Pakistan

The best laptop backpack combines practicality, fashion and comfort. You have no reason not to look professional while keeping your valuables safe. In this guide, we are going to show you the best laptop bags in Pakistan. The best backpacks and briefcases for sale on the market. Whether you’re a frequent traveller, love working in cafes, or commuting between home and work, you’ll find the perfect laptop bag to carry your electronics in style.

If you want to venture outside your home with your laptop, chances are you need a laptop backpack. We use our laptops to work, stay connected, and stay up to date, so protecting them makes sense. Most laptop backpacks have the basic anatomy of a padded sleeve, with a roomy main compartment and a smaller section for chargers, pens, and phones. Since laptop bags all look the same, how do you know which one is the best?

We’ve found the ten best laptop backpacks on the market for 2021 and compiled them into this in-depth review. Of all our backpack picks, we found Thule’s Subterra Backpack to be the best overall. Its reliable design helps keep your valuables safe, and its construction is comfortable and practical. Whether you’re looking for a small, compact bag, a roomy travel backpack or a business briefcase, we’ve got you covered. We’ll look at features like shoulder straps and back panel padding, compartments and features, and materials to rate each bag.

Why Do You Need A Laptop Bag?

We spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on our laptops and other electronic devices. Making sure they are protected during transport is a no-brainer. A laptop bag can help you feel more comfortable on the go and organize small accessories like your charger and glasses.

Whether you are going to work at a coffee shop, traveling to another city for work, or going to study with a friend, you will need a laptop bag. Since they are so versatile, they are one of the best investments you can make. We recommend finding a bag that fits your lifestyle, budget, and needs. That’s why we’ve included a wide variety of the best laptop backpacks and bags in this guide.

One Of The Best Laptop Bags In Pakistan

Subterra 30L Backpack

Subterra 30L Backpack

Our best laptop bag is the exceptionally well-built Subterra Backpack from Thule. The laptop sleeve has a soft interior lining and a Velcro closure to protect it from debris and damage. There’s an internal power pouch that helps organize cords from different devices, side pockets with zippers, and a handy side-access pocket for your laptop.

EVA, spongy, perforated straps add comfort and breathability, and the pass-through panel makes it easy to attach to carry-on luggage. The internal sections are also heavily padded, which adds a bit of bulk but allows for the safe transport of a laptop and essential accessories. This bag fits MacBooks up to 15 inches and PCs up to 15.6 inches.

Price: 199.95$


  • Soft lining
  • Organization pockets
  • Comfortable straps


  • A little bulky

The Most Economical Laptop Bags in Pakistan

Vault Backpack – Men

For a small, compact backpack with good color options, the North Face Vault ( men ‘s; women ‘s ) is a great choice. The padded back panel and injection molded shoulder straps provide premium comfort, certified by the American Chiropractic Association.

The roomy main compartment is great for holding books, newspapers and laptops, but the basic padded sleeve might not offer enough protection. Customers also don’t like the fact that the small front pocket only extends for half the length of the bag. Overall, this is a lightweight and versatile option for school, errands, or a short trip. It is a perfect backpack for children going to school, because it is small and comfortable.

Price: 74.99$



  • Not enough storage capacity

The Best Minimalist Design Laptop Bags in Pakistan

Blade 6 Backpack

If you’re looking for a small, minimalist bag for urban commuting, check out the Arc’teryx Blade 6L Backpack. It’s just big enough to hold a small laptop up to 13 inches and everyday essentials. Side-loading means you don’t have to rummage through the bag to find your laptop, and there’s an internal sleeve for a tablet.

The Blade 20L has the same sleek, minimalist design but can hold a bit more, like a jacket and lunch. The clamshell design opens wide for quick finds, and there’s a storage pouch with cable pass-through for on-the-go charging. There’s an even larger model, the Blaze 28L, for longer weekends and extended trips.

Price: 83.99$


  • side loading
  • Compact
  • Design minimaliste


  • Lack of support
  • No water bottle pocket

The Best Laptop Bags For Students in Pakistan

Right Backpack – 31L – Unisex

Right Backpack - 31L - Unisex

Almost every parent or former student is familiar with the trusty JanSport Right Pack. This backpack has been around for over 50 years for good reason. It’s the perfect size (31L) to hold books, lunch, pencils, pens, and a laptop up to 15 inches. It is also very durable, made with 915 denier Cordura fabric and a sturdy leather suede bottom.

It’s a great option for parents who don’t want to replace their kids’ backpack every year or for college students who want a reliable and simple bag.

Price: 79.99$


  • Spacious
  • Extremely durable
  • Affordable


  • Minimum padding

The Best Laptop Bags For Professionals

Padded laptop bags in Pakistan

Made with Filson’s excellent craftsmanship, the Padded Twill Laptop Bag is the only messenger bag you’ll ever need. It’s roomy enough to hold a 15-inch laptop, essential documents, binders and more. The dense foam padded section protects electronic devices, and numerous pockets of various sizes are for pens, business cards and cell phones.

The satchel is available in a beige color or a beautiful deep olive color, with oversized brass zippers and buckles that create a sleek and sturdy look. As if that weren’t enough, the leather shoulder strap provides extra comfort and the twill material is water-repellent.

Price: 600.00$

The Best Bag For Commuting Around Town

Black Hole 25L Backpack – Unisex

Not called the Black Hole Pack for nothing, this Patagonia bag is extremely roomy and durable. It features a sturdy tote pocket with a bucket-shaped design that maximizes space. The TPU laminated outer material protects against scratches and scuffs, and the durable water-repellent finish helps with water resistance. While the bag may seem lacking in compartments, there are interior mesh pockets for smaller items and an internal padded laptop sleeve.

Price: 159.00$

The Best Bag For Heavier Loads

Surge 31L Backpack

The North Face bag is known for its high quality construction and materials, and the Surge 31L backpack is no exception. The Padded FlexVent suspension system helps distribute the load evenly, and the bag is designed to carry a full load.

Other great features include fleece-lined pockets, daisy-chain straps for carrying larger accessories or gear, and smooth, durable YKK zippers. This versatile bag is ideal for the office, weekend trips or day hikes.

Price: 154.99$

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Best Features Laptop Bags in Pakistan

Accent 23L Backpack

Accent 23L Backpack

If you’re looking for a fantastic laptop bag for traveling or commuting to work, consider the Accent backpack from Thule. With a host of smart pockets, organizing your stuff has never been easier. Side storage provides access to airline tickets, chargers and other essentials. The two padded internal pockets can accommodate a 15 inch MacBook or a 15.6 inch PC as well as a 10 inch tablet!

There is also a SafeZone compartment on the top of the bag for valuables, with the hidden space covered by a removable hard cover. The only downside to this bag is that it looks very masculine with its all-black design. 

Price: 149.95$


  • Hidden compartment
  • Many pockets
  • Sufficient padding


  • Look masculin

The Best Laptop Case in Pakistan

Parallel Satchel – Vintage Collection

If you’re looking for a stylish and fashionable briefcase, try the Parallel Satchel from Matt & Nat. It has a sturdy handle and a detachable shoulder strap for different looks. There is also a magnetic flap closure on both compartments, for added security.

For a more masculine style, consider the Filson Original Briefcase. It has a sophisticated and professional design, which is a good laptop backpack alternative. It’s also built to last for years with its durable twill material and leather details. You’ll find the saddle-grade leather detailing on the tongues, handles, shoulder strap and trims.

Price: 152.00$

Laptop Sleeves

Laptop compartment Gauntlet Macbook 13 inch

Laptop compartment Gauntlet Macbook 13 inch

True to Thule’s reliable style, the Gauntlet MacBook Sleeve features a rugged exterior with corner and edge protection. You’d think such a strong cover would be heavy, but it’s very light, at just 0.34 kg. Thanks to its clamshell design, you do not need to remove the cover while you work, a plus for your peace of mind.

For a more feminine clutch, the fleece-lined Herschel Spokane bag is a great option. It comes in beautiful color options like pink, gray, and black. There are hidden magnetic flap closures, and the streamlined design is perfect for slipping into a bag or larger purse.

Price: 69.95$

Laptop Bags in Pakistan Buying Guide 


Size is an important consideration when looking for laptop bags. You want to be sure that the cover will fit your laptop, tablet, and essentials like chargers. The majority of products fit a 15 inch MacBook or a 15.6 inch PC, which is suitable for most people’s devices. Also look at the capacity in liters to get an idea of ​​the capacity of the bag. A 31 liter bag is ideal for heavy and complete loads, while a bag of around 20 liters is more suitable for minimalist travellers.


A padded laptop sleeve or sleeve is essential for many people who buy laptop bags in India. If you plan to take your bag on a trip, to the office, or on public transport, there’s a good chance it will get roughed up. Almost all of the bags on this list have a durable padded liner for laptops, and some have extra padding for phones and tablets.

Compartiments & Organisation

Many people find it difficult to organize their things, especially when packing a bag. Most laptop bags in Pakistan have a laptop sleeve, a large main compartment, and smaller internal pockets for accessories like chargers, phones, and other small items. More sophisticated bags also feature exterior zippered pockets and hidden compartments for valuables. Side access pockets are also more convenient for quickly getting things out.

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Other Features

Parallel Satchel - Vintage Collection

Charging Ports

On the go, you probably want to carry a portable charger in your bag. Many laptop bags in Pakistan have a stash pocket with space for cable routing to accommodate portable chargers. Some also have charging ports on the outside.

Daisy Chain Straps

Daisy-chain straps, or straps hanging from the outside of the pack, allow you to attach additional gear. You usually attach a carabiner to one of the chain loops and then connect your accessories. These extra straps are handy for day hikes, camping weekends and trekking weekends when you need to pack more gear.

Sternum Straps

The sternum straps pass over your chest and help distribute the weight of your pack. They help prevent shoulder pain and keep the pack in place while you hike, go to class or explore the city.

Water bottle pockets

Most backpacks have an external pocket to hold a water bottle. If you’re looking for a smaller, minimalist bag, you might not find this common feature. However, you can replace a bottle with a tall, thin bladder that shrinks as you drink.


Many backpacks have high density foam or injection molded shoulder straps to keep your shoulders comfortable. Often they also feature a padded back panel to lessen the impact of the load. For commuter travelers carrying heavy electronics and documents, finding a laptop bag with padded shoulder straps and a padded back panel is essential. If you live in a warmer climate, you also want the back panel to be breathable to keep you cool.

Durability and weather resistance

Since no one likes to replace a backpack every year, it’s important to find a high-quality bag made from durable materials. A Laptop bag made of a strong material like reinforced nylon, twill or leather will last longer than a bag made of lightweight polyester or cotton. In general, the more expensive a bag, the more durable it is. Some Laptop bags in Pakistan also come with a waterproof coating, which is useful if you live in a rainy climate.


Do I also need a laptop case?

Laptop cases can better protect your device from bumps and drops. However, they add weight and can get dirty over time. If you opt for a case, make sure it’s not too bulky, or your computer might not fit in your bag’s pocket.

How do you measure a laptop to fit in a bag?

On a MacBook, you can click on the Apple logo in the upper left corner, then click on the first “About this Mac” option. You will be told the size and model year. You can also use a tape measure and measure the screen diagonally to find the length.


When shopping for laptop bags in Pakistan, be sure to know your priorities. If you want a roomy bag, go for a bag with a larger liter capacity. If you want to protect your laptop and other valuables, look for bags with lots of internal padding. If you want a high-quality backpack, go with our top pick, the Subterra Backpack. With perforated EVA shoulder straps, reliable padding and plenty of compartments, it’s the only bag you’ll need for all your adventures.

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