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8 Attractive Designer Cake Ideas To Make Cherished One Go Crazy 

Everyones overlooked or missed to commemorate many events in their lifetime! But one occasion that is significant and worth memorizing in every person’s life is their birthday. People love receiving midnight cravings with wonderful gifts on their special days. Aside from these items, the most significant part of this extravaganza eve is the yummilicious birthday cakes or photo cake. It represents joy & carries a widening smile to the celebrant with stunning looks.

Nowadays, the online outlets are stacked up with an ample assortment of attractive flavorsome cakes. Unlike older days, the scope is not limited to classic cakes but other wide types. One best & lasting trendy birthday cake worldwide is designer cake. You can order cakes online; it is available in various models and ranges, making customer shopping effortless. From the broad range, hand-picked fondant cakes are given below. Read the range and find an excellent one for your loving celebrant day.

Hidden surprise cakes

Everyone adores surprises, and excitement gets magnified when the element of amazement comes with the first slice slashed off from the birthday cake. Hidden favored sweets or any amazement on the cake is an excellent idea to create a ‘WOW’ element in your party.

Teacher’s Scotch Whiskey Cake

Is your girlfriend a fantastic lover of whiskey who loves the idea of sipping chilled whiskey post a long week? Then it is time you present her a cake that represents her whiskey love. 

Pinata cakes

After the hidden surprise cake & Pull me up the cake, Piñata cake is a new trending cake to draw excitement to a completely new level. Piñata cake is a 3D-looking cake prepared from paper-mâché & has a hollow base used to hold your famous sweets. The exterior of these amazing cakes is made of tough chocolate. Thus, a small hammer attends the Piñata cake preparation to allow the smashing. These piñata cakes are extremely fun to make and can be loaded with anything you want to amaze your adored one. The idea is to keep people thinking about what is loaded inside and make the cake cutting method exciting & unique-online cake delivery in Kolkata.

Makeup Bag Cake

Women are enjoying makeup! It not only draws every eye but also carries self-esteem to them.  Therefore, on your philocalist day, purchase a makeup bag-themed cake & woo your caring soul. This delightful cake, designed in the form of a makeup cake with cosmetic items like lipstick & mascara, & so on, galvanized your Partner. Online cake portals offer these delectable Happy Birthday Cakes in various flavors, so go with your cherished celebrant option. Let the mouthwatering cake make her day & showcase your love for your favorite one.

Floral Purse Truffle Cakes

Does your girlfriend go home only after dangling the purse from her hand? Women are purse maniacs & love to take them wherever they go. They are understood to carry the world in them. This super fantastic purse-shaped floral cake is sure to amaze her to bits.

Love Fondant Cake

Birthday events for adored ones are the time to get wishes and communicate how much you endear them. So make your girlfriend’s birthday an opportunity to captivate her heart by giving love fondant cake or making an online cake order in Kolkata. At the top, the vanilla cake with the passion You theme will say what your heart ponders to say without fail. Online portals do not limit fondant cakes in models or savors, so go with savor as per her preference and pick the design of your choice. Let this cake gift pave the way to intensify & smoothen your romantic relationship. The treat of the flavorsome gateau will touch her heart & make the extravaganza even the best.

Pull me up the cakes

You will go gaga over this delectable cake. A neatly see-through plastic sheet covers this indulgent chocolate cake. As you gradually pull over the sheet, there is an outbreak of chocolate all over & changing a cake into a whole new chocolate fountain cake.

Theme cake

Established on the theme of your party, you can have a customized cake that fits the event. From superhero cakes to sports occasions, graduation parties, to any office function, theme cakes have become the pleasure of all occasions that go above & beyond normal cake calls.

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