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Desert Safari Dubai in the Morning

Desert Safari Dubai in the Morning

Morning Desert Safari

As you set out on an adventure in the Arab sands, you can’t help but feel full of excitement. Desert safari Dubai is a great way to spend a morning in the beautiful city of Dubai. You can’t miss the morning desert safari if you’re visiting Dubai.

It has something for everyone, whether you’re on vacation with a partner, a group of friends, or your whole family. Our package includes the best parts of this trip, like a camel safari, dune bashing, visiting a camel farm, taking in the beautiful scenery, and more.

Brief Overview

The morning safari in the desert in Dubai is a must-do for many reasons. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore, ride through and over dunes, and talk to camels, which are beautiful animals. Most importantly, you’ll make memories with the people you care about while bringing out your inner thrill-seeker.

You’ll get your day off to a good start by getting up early to celebrate everything the Arabian Desert stands for. During the morning safari, you will be kept busy and interested in various activities. Your kids will talk about sandboarding and riding camels for years to come. The Dubai desert is so beautiful that you won’t know whether to keep sandboarding or stop to take a picture on the golden sands.

What’s in store for our morning safari?

Dune bashing

Dune bashing is a great experience that will make you scream with excitement and hold on tight. It will satisfy your wildest desires for thrills. As you drive up and down the tall dunes in the early morning desert in a 44 vehicle, you will see some of Dubai’s best-kept secrets. Well, there’s no time to take it easy. The trip has just started.

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The dune bashing was the start of your adventures. You’ll get on your sandboard and surf down the beautiful desert, where the red dunes will stand tall all around you. We promise that a short ride on a camel will be one of the best parts of your trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Camel Ride

All of our tour guests agree that riding a camel is one of their favourite parts. If you don’t ride a camel through the dunes and admire the beauty of the desert, the safari isn’t complete. This is an adventure like no other, and you will see that the camel is a beautiful and friendly animal. After your visit, you will think about these beautiful animals in a very different way.

Capturing Memories

Thank you for choosing us for your morning desert safari; we’ll make sure to record your reactions on video so you can look back on the trip and smile and laugh a lot. No matter how many other journeys you take, you will never forget this one.

During the tour, there are lots of fun places where you can take pictures. Stand still on the dunes or wave from a camel. Make sure you take many photos and do as much as you can to make this trip memorable. You can also take a picture with the desert falcon that is good enough to frame.

Quad Biking (Optional)

If you want a little more excitement, you can tour the desert on a quad bike. It is safe and lets you make your trip more fun. Almost as much as sandboarding. We don’t offer quad biking as part of our morning desert safari package. But you could have taken the desert safari to a whole new level with the quad bike if you had paid extra for the experience. Those who like to ride will enjoy the morning desert.

The morning safari consists of

Free Pickup and Drop-off

We’ll pick you up and drop you off at your hotel in Dubai for free, so you can go on a great desert safari trip in the morning without worrying about anything. Our local guide will be with you the whole time. Your expert tour guide knows how to take care of you and your family as you drive through Dubai’s empty streets early in the morning.

Morning Experience in Desert

This will be one of the best trips you’ve ever taken through the safari desert Dubai. You will be welcomed with some of the best dates in the area and a delicious Arabic coffee called Gawah. You start your day, and then you do everything above. Every dune will be exciting, and the ride will add to all the other amazing things about your Dubai Trip. You can visit the local camel farm, where you can talk to the camels and ride them as part of your desert safari package.

Simple ways to cool down by Refreshments

Cold drinks are available to you to stay hydrated and refreshed. Since this is a morning desert safari, the package doesn’t come with any other food or beverages. When you complete dune bashing, you will get dates and coffee. You can buy delicious breakfast food on our tours to make your trip even better.

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