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Why Do People Need Love in Their Life?

Why Do People Need Love in Their Life: Do not be ashamed to feel a lack of love! During the adventures of life that you go through, you learn to recover from your unfortunate experiences and to overcome obstacles with strength and determination even if inside you resounds a need for love more and more important.

During the young years of a child, what nourishes him for eternity is the power of love that his parents give him. This love will be like the engine of all his adult life.

When the emotional lack is experienced at this age, the child finds it difficult to fully develop: either he is dependent on his parents and cannot fly on his own, or he is rebellious, constantly struggling with the educational plan, or he is fulfilled and serene and advances with confidence through the growth of his being without brake or blockage!

Parenthood is really the basis of the edification of the young child, it is what will make him a strong being or a fragile and vulnerable being.

Obviously, no one can control this role of parent because of the many vagaries of life, but making sure that we will be able to honor this love contract before wanting a child is a guarantee of success!

How can you want to accompany a little being at the heart of his life if you are not yourself emotionally stable? There is no magic, the only key is of course to know how to love the other without transmitting to him his own insufficiencies, his own imperfections, his own limitations! It is a commitment to make this child a priority until he can be an adult.

The link that nourishes the child to his parents is like the stem of the plant that we forget to water and which dries up to end up withering or, on the contrary, that we drown in an excess of water. water until it rots without realizing it! This water is the image of the love that one must give to one’s child, a pure and unconditional love, devoid of any form of personal attachment and unhealthy interest. This child does not belong to us forever, our mission is to create a safe and serene environment for him to contribute to his full development.

It’s all about a clever mix, sufficient control to understand the mechanisms of education, transmission, and growth!

When the difficulties of life weigh us down, it is then necessary to love your child, even more, to give him even more love because love is a feeling that requires no effort when it is real. There are no more excuses or pretexts! When we are able to love ourselves despite everything we are going through, then this love overflows in a continuous flow towards the other who can drink from it without ever running out of it!

A child is not responsible for the shortcomings and shortcomings of his parents! There is no excuse that justifies forgetting to nurture this love that you must give to your child. Every gesture, every act, must be imbued with this total love that is never imprisoning or invading! A love that always remains free and light at all times!

Realizing that we all lack love can help to understand where the shoe pinches in society!

Everyone lacks love but does not necessarily dare to say it so as not to pass for someone utopian! Relationships that harden and stretch to the point of becoming a conflictual bear witness to this need for perpetual love and to a way of living or being that prevents us from taking care of and maintaining this love of self and others!

When several lacks of love collide, there is no longer any dialogue possible, nor easy communication nor understanding of each other. Everyone hears resounding in his heart, in his soul, in his body, this echo that cries out that one is not loved enough and which attracts inevitable suffering!

This wound inside our hearts resonates up into our daily lives! Everything leads us to a hard, insensitive or inflexible behavior because the wound of love is such that we become hermetic to others for fear that they will hurt us even more! We don’t have availability to open up and offer ourselves!

The wounds of some resonate in the wounds of others and together form a huge crack in the world around us! Distrust is erected as an insurmountable barrier in human relations and slander freezes all good intentions!

In all the facts, one can read there each time the invisible imprint of this lack of love which leads to hatred, discrimination, intolerance, to racism….

Lack of love leads to chaos!

Past childhood where we cry for more hugs or more attention. In adulthood, everyone lives their own life and is not yet aware of this need for love as an essential balance in the inner microcosm!

Early love affairs demonstrate this need to bond with someone very early, this quest for love as a need to fill a void! The love affairs that multiply, or the difficulties in love are all signs of something lacking in everyone’s personal development!

Behaviors or actions reveal this chasm between the desire to give love and to receive affection! Nobody can fill our emotional lack if not ourselves! It is up to everyone to succeed in putting words to their ailments in order to let this flow circulate towards life, towards the world, and towards others.

When the steps are taken one after the other without tugging, without haste, and without tumult, this shows that the individual base is solid enough to be able to build one’s life without too much procrastination or hesitation and to accommodate the twists and turns of an existence. by making love a central axis, unconditional support, true meaning of our living and vibrant humanity!

But when everything is an excuse to become dependent on something, someone, work, sport, others, drugs, addictions! So, we can understand the starting point of this internal destruction which is set up insidiously and unconsciously as a survival mechanism, as an inability to bear this inner cry which hurts us so much and which blocks us!

This desire to be loved more, to be loved better, stronger, softer, to be loved and to be understood quite simply, returns as a leitmotif because it is what is most important in life. Nothing can replace love not even money, power or fame!

This inner sorrow is painful and becomes a brake in all relational experiences! It is not indifference that prevents a relationship from being successful but rather this fear of being confronted with the other in his expectations, in his injunctions, in his own limitations, in his restraints or in his manipulations, in his comparisons because of this lack of love that one feels and which is visible in the other and which prevents a generous and abundant flow from circulating naturally!

When we lack love internally, everything hurts us, everything hits us, every word, every gesture is multiplied tenfold in its positive or negative effects! The desire to be loved drives all relationships and this requirement resonate in every situation!

If we find our account through warm relationships then we flourish and expand. If, on the contrary, we lack love more and more, we fade, we die out. We isolate ourselves, we lock ourselves in!

We no longer have any motivation to get out of our discomfort! And we become difficult to live with for others and for ourselves! We sink into a psychological distress that reaches all ages and that screams even louder when we get older!

This lack of love is never said. We are ashamed of it! We blame. We feel vulnerable! We prefer to put on a cuirass. We double lock ourselves and we approach the world superficially in a total inability to understand the other, to want to understand what makes him suffer since we suffer ourselves but we hide it under artifices and pretenses!

We become centered on ourselves and we no longer see life in its natural flow! Everything is distorted by this lack of love which reads over and over again as an eternal need to be satisfied in order to exist but when you learn to love yourself enough, there is no longer a search for personal satisfaction but just a desire. of sharing, self-sacrifice, and experience!

Let’s shout to the whole world that we want to love!

The harder the world gets, the harder we get! What if we reversed this trend! The more we soften from the inside by managing to tame this crying lack of love, the more the world will light up with other colors, other glimmers of hope!

How to cure this lack of love? How to go back to the pattern of childhood where the emotional lack made you an incomplete being? How to become a repaired adult filled with love? These are the questions that keep coming back! We all want to learn to love better, to truly love ourselves!

What if we transformed lack into a desire to live with a heart that is more open and overflowing with love! Just changing gear can already open up possibilities!

When we say: “I lack love”, I hurt, I suffer. We only rely on the fact that we don’t give you enough love: who? Others, life, the world, not everyone loves you enough except you! We feel like a victim and we lose our creative power!

When we say: ”  I need love, I want to be loved more  ” We are putting in place internally, a more active construction process to create more love around us, more affection through reciprocity! We love ourselves even stronger when others affect us or seek to destabilize us. They are sent back to their own lack of love! We no longer feel victimized by them!

When someone shares us I love you images, Good morning or Good night images, we feel good to expect more love.

We become responsible for our happiness! And we then turn more easily inward than outward! Above all, we seek to strengthen this self-love by getting to know each other better! We try to respond more to our needs, to what creates in us an inner joy! We no longer expect compliments from others, nor encouragement! We self-validate! We congratulate each other! We no longer have unnecessary expectations, we let life surprise us pleasantly and in its own way!

Each ray of inner love makes us proud of ourselves, and each small wave that crosses our heart when we accomplish something delights and amazes us!

We rejoice in our little victories, our little challenges and then we celebrate each other, we honor each other and we kneel before the beauty of life at every moment in a total connection to this rediscovered authenticity!

The other is no longer the one who must love us! We love each other so much that this love radiates like a crown around our heart and the other comes to join us in the heart of this abundant and regenerating source of love which flows in its constant and regular flow!

Self-love cures the lack of love that we can feel!

How can you be able to love and love yourself if you lack love? It may seem difficult or impossible! When we fall in love with someone for the first time, what fills our hearts? A lack, a need or a desire, and a desire to merge through the passion that invites itself!

Giving others the key to your personal happiness is easy and yet so painful when it’s disappointing! You are not your enemy, you are your first ally, your first friend, your first love! If you validate everything about you, then the other can come to complete you, otherwise, you will remain incomplete despite the presence of the other, of the others!

When you learn to love yourself so much that your heart overflows with love, then all your relationships become easy without mistrust, without expectation, without fear! As we take the time and the commitment to love someone, we take the time and the commitment to love ourselves as much!

If you have a failing relationship with others, start by asking yourself if this does not correspond to a lack of love that you have deep inside you. Then process that necessary inner love, deciding to listen more to that longing for love, feeling the instant good it does to you when you love yourself more and send those rays of love out to others, to the world. Then perceive in your body this wave of warmth and softness which raises you in a different relationship to life, a more malleable, more adaptable relationship! So love comes to you naturally in its beautiful fluidity!

There is no love without benevolence and this benevolence when you grant it to yourself is the antidote that repairs your lack of love and your need to be loved!

Vibrate love ever higher and ever stronger in everything you do then, the lack will be filled, the need satisfied, and the desire and the desire to love even greater!

Love yourself to love better!

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