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Two Way Radios: 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Them 

In this digital age where everything is connected by software technology and internet communications, some might be surprised to learn that two-way radios still hold strong demand across many industrial and other sectors in Australia like construction, warehousing, factories, etc. And various wholesalers in the country, like CB Radio, Australia, have the best two-way radios for those looking for cost-effective but reliable means of communication.

Two-way radios are highly popular, with their applications ranging widely from industrial use to security by Australian defence personnel. But, before buying a two-way radio system for use, consider these features first to make the best of the purchase. Many reliable wholesalers in the country, like CB Radio, Australia, offer two-way radios with most of these features:

  1. Application

When looking for two-way radio in the shops, consider the use case scenario. This helps the customer to narrow down the available options and select the best one for work. Construction sites, farmers, industry workers, manufacturing staff, security and even office personnel use two-way radio communication to keep in touch with the other members and give a heads-up in case things go south. Meanwhile, many different models offer various features at various prices. And since two-way radios are cost-effective compared to most communication systems in the country, users can easily afford a reliable two-way radio system without breaking the bank.

  1. The Range of the Radio Network

The range of the two-way radios is probably the most crucial factor to consider when buying radios for communication. Two-way radios can reach a maximum of up to 10km or more, depending upon the company. But, in urban environments or towns where there are obstacles that can hinder communications, that range can go a lot lower. In any case, high-quality radio systems need to provide the best range for clear communication and safety. 

Licensed two-way radios are more powerful and offer more range in terms of communication, but they are harder to acquire. Besides, Australia is the perfect place to use these gadgets because of the vast underexplored inland that sometimes lacks mobile network reception.

  1. The Number of Handsets Required

Two-way radios used for camping or other light uses may require only a few handsets. Those used for extensive purposes like warehouses and construction sites may require more handsets as everyone needs to stay connected at all times. But don’t worry about the price. If customers offer to buy these radios in bulk, they can get the prices significantly cut down. 

  1. Type of Battery Required

There are regular alkaline batteries that are cheap and common in Australia. But the best utility comes from using both regular as well as rechargeable batteries as they’ll have power for more than a few days, especially in the outskirts of Australia where there is no access to electricity and power. Meanwhile, radios with rechargeable batteries only are preferred for regular use, especially in areas where there is a power outlet with a constant electrical supply. 

  1. Additional Features

Hikers and employees who need to travel long distances while driving or riding can use the hands-free communication option available for most two-way radios. It is an extremely useful feature that will undoubtedly come in handy. So make sure to check the product specs for the hands-free feature.

Always check the durability of the design and ensure it’s sturdy enough to withstand extreme conditions. Compared to other radios, two-way radios need to work in even the harshest conditions, and hence, they need to be built with that in mind. Moreover, these radios with strong cases won’t break easily under pressure or when they fall. And if they do, then the body is made of cheap material and not worth the price. 

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