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TOP NIC SALT E-LIQUIDS: Ultimate Guide 2022

For most of us, quitting smoking was the primary motivation for starting to vape. You can get the same immediate high from a nic salt as you would from a conventional cigarette. What is one of the main benefits of e-liquids over cigarettes? 

The most common method for getting quick nicotine hit when you need it the most is quickly evolving to be nicotine salts. Since nicotine salts are the purest form of nicotine, they satisfy cravings in less than 5 seconds, making them a great option for overcoming nicotine cravings.

There are more than 700 nic salts available. So how do you decide which flavors or brands to use for vaping? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 nic salt e-liquids, including options for fruity, tobacco, dessert, menthol, and beverage flavors. See a list of our top-rated and best-selling nic salt e-liquids as you continue reading. Wicks & Wires Vape Shoppe offers a large selection of regulated pharma grade produced regulated E-juice online from top brands available. 

Unreal Raspberry’s Blue Nic Salt E-Liquid

Blue Nic Salt E-Liquid by Unreal Raspberry a luscious concoction of real blueberries and blue raspberries is the main flavor of the Blue nic salt e-liquid. While blue raspberries dish out equally sweet and acidic flavors on the exhale, blueberry flavors emit soft flowery overtones. No matter where a vape is on their vaping journey, Blue by Unreal Raspberry is available in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg strengths to fit their needs.

Watermelon Breaker Nic Salt E-Liquid from RAD Salts

One of RAD’s most well-liked vape juice flavors, Watermelon Breaker, has flawlessly balanced watermelon flavors throughout. No matter the season, rain, or sun, you may vape this smooth, reviving e-liquid. On the inhale, take a sweet watermelon wave, then on the exhale, take another watermelon wave. Because Watermelon Breaker is available in nicotine strengths of 5, 10, and 20, it is ideal for vapes who wish to change their nicotine dosage.

Riot Squad’s Ultra Peach Tea Nic Salt E-Liquid

Ultra Peach Tea Nic Salt E-Liquid by Riot Squad Tea flavors are a little earthy, peaches are fragrant, and the exhale is icy. In addition to having a smooth flavor, Ultra Peach Tea will also give you a satisfying throat hit when you inhale. In strengths of 5 mg, 10 mg, or 20 mg.

E-liquid Mango Ice Nic Salt

Mango In an amazingly well-balanced vape juice, Ice nic salt serves up just-picked mango and ice. A huge handful of powdered ice converts the mango’s tangy flavor uphill into a very frigid exhale. This smooth mango blend conveniently comes in 10mg or 20mg nicotine strengths so you may change the amount of nicotine to your preference.

Nic Salt E-Liquid with Strawberry, Raspberry, and Blueberries Rogue Squad Punx

With juicy strawberries, tart raspberries, and subtly sweet blueberries, Riot Squad’s Strawberry, Raspberry & Blueberry nic salt is a true legend. Take pleasure in subtle flavors on the inhale, followed by notes that are sinfully sweet on the exhale. Strawberry, Raspberry, and Blueberry nic salt are available in nicotine strengths of 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg.

Pod Salt’s Virginia Tobacco Nic Salt E-Liquid

Your quest is over if you’re desiring a vape that is tobacco-inspired. Virginia Tobacco from Pod Salt mixes sweet flavors in the end with tobacco’s earthy flavors. With mature tobacco notes and lingering notes of chocolate and cherries on the exhale, Virginia Tobacco provides vapes with a unique take on traditional tobacco. Virginia Tobacco from Pod Salt is offered in 11mg and 20mg dosages, making it ideal for vapors seeking a rapid nicotine hit.

Doozy’s Vimto Crush Nic Salt E-Liquid

This is for smokers looking for a fruity and energizing vaporizer. On both the inhale and exhale, Vimto Crush tastes like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. On the inhale, indulge your taste buds with devilishly sweet flavors, followed by a refreshing, ice aftertaste. There are two strengths of Vimto Crush nic salt e-liquid to choose from 10mg and 20mg.

IVG’s Pina Colada Nic Salt E-Liquid

IVG’s Pina Colada nic salt is a creamy pineapple cocktail-inspired vape that will have you head over heels. With base notes of pineapple and coconut that linger long after your inhale and creamy notes on the exhale, Pina Colada is a refreshing vape. IVG offers two nicotine salt concentrations for their Pina Colada e-liquid: 10 mg and 20 mg.

Large Juices’ Crispy Coffee Nic Salt E-Liquid

If you like coffee and doughnuts, you’ll like this delicacy from Large Juices. Massive juices are the ideal morning or post-meal vape, Crispy Coffee nic salt combines coffee with cream and caramel donut flavors. You may expect crunchy fried doughnut base notes and strong coffee aromatic flavors from Crispy Coffee. Choose from 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg of nicotine in your Crispy Coffee order.

Club Juice’s Ice Menthol Nic Salt E-Liquid

Ice Menthol by Club Juice starts out tasting nice and quickly turns into a powdered ice rollercoaster. You’ll feel cold when inhaling, which will peak into an even colder exhale. For smokers who prefer menthol’s cooling effect without an overbearing vape juice flavor, Ice Menthol is ideal. The Ice Menthol nic salt from Club Juice comes in a 20mg nicotine dosage. Wicks & Wires Vape Shoppe offers a large selection of regulated pharma grade produced regulated E-liquids from top brands available.

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