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Top 5 crypto events you should not skip in 2022

Witnessing the rising graph of cryptocurrency, today there are numerous websites where you can stay abreast with the crypto events calendar. Some of the popular crypto-based news websites like CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, Daily Coin, CoinMarketCap, NewsBTC, and Cryptoknowmics. These are the best sources that can be referred to for getting updates on the upcoming events crypto. Today, we are going to list down some of the top 5 crypto events that you must be knowing. 

Those who have been staying abreast with financial news on daily basis must be aware of cryptocurrency and its underlying digital ledger technology called a blockchain. Now it has been clearly understood that this technology is going to stay for long, and is not just rising trends in the contemporary financial world. 

The influence of cryptocurrency on society cannot be exaggerated. Hence, if crypto enthusiasts are inquisitive in knowing about the current happenings and changes in the crypto industry, then they need to be part of cryptocurrency events where industry experts share their knowledge and experiences.

There are crypto conferences conducted on a large scale. Many parties and side events are hosted, giving the best opportunities for crypto enthusiasts in building links in the industry. Exhibiting new products and getting ideas from others, is indeed very profitable for crypto business leaders. 

Top 5 crypto events that you should not skip in 2022

Now let us flock to our main topic on the top 5 cryptocurrency and blockchain events, that every crypto enthusiast should be aware of, and must not miss in 2022. 

Blockchain Economy 2022

It is one of the upcoming crypto events 2022 that is going to take place on 22nd May in Istanbul, Turkey. This blockchain-based conference in the Middle East and Eurasia will include some renowned personalities. At the Blockchain Economy conference, multiple issues are going to be discussed. These include global citizenship, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, Bitcoin, and its underlying technology, Blockchain. 

International Conference on Blockchain Technologies for Business Applications

Coming on to another blockchain-based event is International Conference on Blockchain technologies for Business Applications. This event had taken place on February 7th and 8th in the current year in Bangkok, Thailand. This conference focused on bringing top research scholars and academic researchers together and getting the knowledge of digital ledger technology (blockchain) in all aspects, and how it had influenced business applications. In this blockchain event, many crypto practitioners and researchers discussed the current blockchain trends, revolution, and finding solutions to real-world challenges. 

Sustainable Energy Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 2022

Sustainable Energy Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (SEBC) is also one of the upcoming crypto events that are slated to take place in 2022 from 1st to 3rd August. The conference would take place in virtual mode. This conference will be a meeting point for engineers, scientists, managers, and industrial and academic research globally. SEBC conference of 2022 will be going to highlight the tough challenges in the crypto and blockchain stream. 

Blockchain Life 2022

Blockchain Life is a crypto event that has taken place on the 20th and 21st of April in 2022 in Moscow in Russia. This forum was focused on both the professional and beginner in the crypto journeys. The conference was attended by many blockchain developers and CEOs of international firms. It allowed interaction with these industrial experts for the attendees in gaining knowledge about the blockchain condition and its possibilities in the coming decades. 

3rd Blockchain Expo

3rd Blockchain Expo is also an upcoming blockchain event that is going to take place in 2022 in Tokyo, Japan, from 26th to 28th October. This blockchain Expo Tokyo will be a trade event showcasing all the different blockchain technologies. Being new in the digital technology world, blockchain is now referred to by multiple sectors including manufacturing, finance, energy, and even logistics. This blockchain trading event will pave an opportunity for entrepreneurs in showcasing new technologies to the Japanese markets.

Final words

So these are some of the top 5 crypto events that have taken place in 2022, and some are about to happen in the coming months. Those who have been introduced to the initial phase of cryptocurrency and blockchain are fully aware of their growing graph and their potential use in the long term. Not sure about cryptocurrency, but the blockchain is going to stay. This digital ledger now is widely referred to by sectors including hospitality, finance, agriculture, insurance, retail, healthcare, Data security, etc. ‘’

However, other than blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies have also gained acceptance in big companies like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Starbucks, Rakuten, BMW, Tesla, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and more. Countries like El Salvador, the United States, Canada, Australia, the Central African Republic, and now India have set an example in giving legal status to cryptocurrency.

Hence, we can say that cryptocurrency and blockchain are here to stay. Log on to Cryptoknowmics, and stay abreast with more upcoming crypto news updates and events. It is the best crypto guide, where you can keep track of the prices of cryptocurrencies including BTC, SOL, ETH, XMR, XRP, DOGE, SHIB, LTC, BCH, and more. 

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In 2022, there have been crypto events that have already taken place and some are slated to take place in the coming months. Log on to Cryptoknowmics for updates. 
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