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Surgery for Ovarian Cancer that Recurs does not improve Survival

Today, ovarian cancer has become very common among women. Sources state that nearly 59,276 people were estimated to suffer from ovarian cancer by the end of 2020. This raises an urgency to beat ovarian cancer risks or learn the exact ways to mitigate it. However, recent sources also suggest that surgery for this cancer that occurs over a periodic time does not help improve survival rates. As such, ovarian cancer Prognosis may be needed to analyze thoroughly. 

Study Around Ovarian Cancer And Survival Rates 

If a woman with ovarian cancer has suffered from cancer again after its initial treatment, most doctors recommend another surgery. This may be recommended to help eliminate cancer so that the survival rates can be improved. But with the recent reports, this is now being thought upon. However, in the previous cases of ovarian cancer, doctors have practiced additional surgery to remove a sufficient amount of cancer. This was done before Chemotherapy started again. 

In a recent clinical trial, it was found that secondary surgery for ovarian cancer does not help with the survival rates of patients. In fact, it was found that additional surgeries may worsen the case and decrease the lifespan to a considerable extent.  

In most cases, it is at its worst stage when ovarian cancer is diagnosed. In fact, even after surgery, the cancer is most likely to come back. This is the case with nearly 80% of women or more who suffer from this type of cancer. Generally, women who get their initial treatment get it to remove the tumor. Then, they undergo Chemotherapy. This is a type of cancer treatment wherein technology is used to shrink cancer and kill the cancer cells in the body. For most parts, it is said to remove cancer completely. However, sources also suggest that Chemotherapy comes with certain side effects. 

Trials On Patients To Prove This Process

In a recent trial, 485 women were made to enroll for surgery. These women had ovarian cancer and had spent nearly six months and above obtaining platinum-based Chemotherapy. These were the same patients who were thought to be treated using a second surgery. 

When the trial was conducted, out of 485 women, only 240 got ready for a second surgery. This was followed by basic Chemotherapy for them. The remaining only got assigned for Chemotherapy solely. Nearly 84% of the group has also prescribed a drug that is known as Avastin. This is said to prevent cancer growth. However, the surgeons were only able to eliminate cancer from 245 patients. Later, when the research was conducted, it was found that participants who were assigned for a second surgery experienced a deterioration in their quality of life compared to those with one surgery. Ovarian cancer Prognosis was also studied for further analysis. 

The Bottom Line

It is important to consult a good doctor to make sure you get your ovarian cancer diagnosed on time. You can consult them about further surgeries relating to it and if it is wise to opt for a second surgery. They will be able to give you a more in-depth analysis of the same.

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