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The SMSF Advisory Network, or SAN, is an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) owned and operated by the National Association of Taxes and Accountants. Its primary purpose is to help and assist accountants in improving the quality of service and advice they provide to their clients.

July 2022, accountants must be licensed

By July 2022, accountants must be license under the US Financial Stability Act (AFSL) to advise on pension funds and self-managed preferred funds (SMSFs). This prevents many accountants from serving existing clients unless they have a full ASFL license.

SMSFASL Advisory Network allows members to guide clients not only to SMSF settings but also to pension changes. Establishment of a Limited Repayment Loan Facility (LRBA) with specified levels of partnership. Roll and acquire asset investment strategies according to each member’s investor risk profile.

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Permission granted. This ensures that you and other SMSF users get the best advice from certified experts. It’s peace of mind for you – and I think it’s peace of mind for us too. We want to modernize the industry and protect the financial well-being of the people.

This process includes:

  • Completion of the course (in some cases – depending on the level of approval).
  • Digital application with authentication.
  • Phone interview
  • Police examination
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Authorized Agent Agreement (AR) signed.
  • ASIC registration in SMSF Advisor Network (SAN) AFSL

Numbers Pro Consultants is a certified representative of the SMSF network and has years of experience advising clients on how to improve their retirement and secure their future without compromising the present.

We are happy to assist you with SMSF or answer any questions you may have about pensions. Just click Tax Return Agent in Melton to talk to any of the members of the Numbers Pro team

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