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Self-Employed Tax Return & the Best Personal Tax Accountant in Toronto

Self-employed contribute a lot to the Canadian economy. In addition, they may enjoy the freedom to do their jobs; still, they don’t also feel stress-free in the tax season. It is not easy for self-employed individuals to file their taxes with a lot on their plates, unlike employed people. How they file their taxes is also a different scenario than employed individuals who work for other entities. Hiring the best personal tax accountant in Toronto also helps self-employed individuals. Nevertheless, many self-employed individuals don’t understand taxes as employed individuals do. 

How Do Self Employed Taxes Work in Canada?

Self-employed individuals are those who run a business and have a business-client relationship with entities that pay them. They are sole proprietors or unincorporated partners but not a corporation. It is also the responsibility of self-employed individuals to track their income and expenses. At the year-end, self-employed individuals need to report this information to the CRA to claim a tax refund or obligation. Here is how self-employed taxes work in Canada:

Self-employed expenses deduct against income, whereas employees don’t have such a luxury. The difference between income and expenses will reveal a profit or loss. If profit incurs with this difference, self-employment tax arises. If loss incurs, tax payable is $0 or self-employed will receive a tax refund. Moreover, self-employed will report the profit or loss for the year on a tax return while using a T2125 form.

How Much Can You Make before Paying Taxes as a Self-Employed Individual?  

In Canada, self-employed individuals who earn $13,808 as their first income don’t need to pay a tax for this earning. This rule remains the same for both employed and self-employed individuals. However, this amount keeps changing, and the aforementioned figure is for the year 2021. Nonetheless, you will still need to file returns even if you don’t owe tax as a self-employed individual. You may qualify for a refund if you file a return; however, specific benefits require applicants to regularly file taxes.   

Does Hiring the Personal Tax Accountant Help Self-Employed?

Hiring a personal tax accountant can help self-employed file their returns and avoid the stress that can frustrate them. However, self-employed individuals who plan on filing their returns through a tax accountant should carefully choose an accountant. They should try their best to find and hire the best personal tax accountant in Toronto to file returns. It can also help them claim all refunds from the CRA when they file their taxes. It is also important for self-employed individuals to hire a licensed and insured tax accountant for their own sake. In case an accountant makes a mistake while filing their returns, the professional will pay for it and not the self-employed. Here is what self-employed can expect from credible tax accountants or tax filing services in Canada:

  1. It should manage tax planning and tax preparation for self-employed irrespective of the simplicity or intricacy of the returns.
  2. An accountant or a tax filing service should have the right qualification to file personal tax returns for self-employed. For example, an accounting firm with highly qualified accountants like CPAs is a credible resource for self-employed to file their returns.
  3. The best tax accountants will have a positive reputation for their tax services, whether it is tax planning, tax advisory, or tax filing.

If you can find these things in a tax accountant, you can count on the accountant to file your tax returns. Besides, GTA Accounting is a credible accounting firm that also meets these requirements for self-employed to file taxes. Also you can contact the best accounting services canada for your business needs.

What Taxes Self-Employed Pay? Which Form Do They Use to File Returns? How Do They Account for Taxes? 

Self-employed individuals have to pay personal income tax and also premiums, but the latter is not mandatory for them. Moreover, they also use the same T1 form to file taxes. However, they may also need to fill additional forms & schedules with their returns. Self-employed individuals have a responsibility to track their income and expenses. They need to track their invoices, receipts, and other documentation to justify their numbers. Some may feel comfortable using Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and other free solutions. Furthermore, some invest in accounting and tax software to calculate their total income and expenses for the year to file taxes.


Self-employed contribute a lot to the Canadian economy while enjoying the freedom to work. However, they also have to file personal income tax returns identical to employees. Filing tax returns regularly also helps them enjoy benefits as credible tax filers each year in Canada. Moreover, hiring the best personal tax accountant in Toronto aids self-employed to get maximum benefits when they file their returns. Self-employed have to report their profit and loss for the year on the T2125 form. Plus, they use T1 form to file their tax returns for the year, as employees also do. Lastly, self-employed usually account for taxes while using free solutions or paid resources.

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