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11 Tips to Select the Right applicant tracking system for your organization

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the complete automation that eases the complex recruitment process. Finding the most effective software for hiring available on the market can be difficult as it is based on your company size, how many employees you have employed, and the budget. It must be tailored to provide an improved experience when hiring. 

Investing in an ATS for recruitment is a cost you’ll be paying for a considerable period. Therefore, choosing the proper ATS is a crucial choice.

11 ways to select an ATS that is right for your company:

According to Strait’s analysis, the market for applicant tracking system is forecast to expand.

Contemplating this recent data that indicates the increasing demand for software to recruit, this article will assist you in identifying the most effective applicant tracking software for your business needs.

Below are 11 efficient methods to choose the best ATS for streamlining recruitment.

  • Cloud-based ATS to aid in Social Media Recruiting

Based on the information provided by Career Arc, 86% of job seekers have confirmed that they are using social media to search for jobs. 

Not just active job seekers but also those who are passive keep themselves updated on social media to be aware of opportunities. Therefore, it’s among the best ways of hiring. 

Taking social media recruitment into account is among the easiest ways to ensure you choose the most suitable candidate tracking system that provides no stone left unturned. It will also help you recruit and bring on board eligible applicants.

  • Check the accuracy of your Hiring Software.

The applicant tracking systems (ATS) might include restarting parsing capability; however, to what extent? It is something you’d have to ask before buying an ATS. The ATS could likely recognize the human resource section of resumes, but it doesn’t identify the HR department.

If your ATS cannot read the pertinent information, you’ll most likely miss the most qualified candidates in the marketplace. Harvard Business Review found that eighty per cent of managers believed that their ATS could not find relevant resumes. 

It was because they weren’t in line with the requirements for the job. Therefore, checking your ATS’s accuracy before implementing it is crucial.

  • Flexible Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The requirements of any company evolve with time. In the past, workers used laptops, desktop computers and mobile phones to work. Also, employers follow patterns of hiring that change in time. 

The software you use to engage should have upgraded features that can benefit you today and will be essential for the coming years. If your ATS isn’t flexible enough to adapt, it could require reinvesting in a brand new ATS. So, investing money in the same program isn’t a feasible option.

  • Sharing of data as well as Data Migration with AI-based ATS

The ATS is expected to be integrated into every other software used by the business. No software can function isolated as the various functions within the system are interconnected. 

Furthermore, each candidate and employee is also required to share data. ATS is a critical player and should be equipped with a data-sharing feature. It will enable all the people involved in this recruitment process to remain informed. Candidates will be kept up-to-date on their status as they apply. 

Additionally, if you wish to transfer your information from the old system to the latest software, then the ATS will be able to execute the task. If your ATS does not have these features, then it’s recommended to rethink the purchase.

  • The Processing Rate of the Application Tracking System

How often did you shut down an application or a website that took a long time to load? Your patience will test in this instance. 

According to the report, most users abandon websites that take more than three seconds to download. It is essential to determine if the ATS you’re considering has an optimized speed or not. 

If it does not, you will never contact the most qualified candidates, and they will wipe off the market within minutes. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to assume that applicants who have left will come to return.

  • Mobile-friendly Interface

Using mobile devices with any ATS is among the most prominent features when signing up for your complimentary Applicant Tracking System trial. Be sure to test this feature. Studies show that 8 out of 10 users abandon websites that are not mobile-friendly.

Nowadays, nearly everyone uses smartphones, so no one will switch to a computer to browse your site. It is why it is strongly advised that your AI-based ATS interface should be mobile-friendly. 

Additionally, according to the study, it only takes 0.05 seconds to tell users if they’ll remain on your site or go elsewhere.

  • Easy to follow steps and tools

Your ATS shouldn’t be challenging for customers to locate an avenue to reach the end objective.

It should be easy to understand and concise, and simple to operate. The software should be simple to use, which means the employees and applicants don’t have to research meanings and ways to use Google to use the system. 

Select the applicant monitoring system, which is simple to grasp with its instructions and tools. Because of this, users won’t be frustrated when they add or extract information.

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  • The Reporting feature is required for the Most Effective Application Tracking System.

This feature allows you to maximize the use of your ATS. An essential record of track-keeping is to monitor your progress for all candidates. 

A record includes details such as the number of applications, the times to fill positions, and other information.

Your applicant tracking system must know how to convert relevant information into reports. It can provide insight into the performance of your company. Based on these insights, you can make your next course of action to improve your working activities.

  • Onboarding feature of your recruitment software

Many companies hire new employees who have no idea in their first period. They may have difficulty understanding the culture of the organization, whom to report, how to find the office, etc.

Its In-person onboarding feature that is part of the Applicant Track System (ATS) allows you to meet all new hires in a friendly setting. It will help them get ready to work on their first day so they won’t be wasting time. 

Onboarding can offer them an online orientation and also assist them in understanding their work environment. You can also send them welcome messages and even connect.

  • The Resume Storage feature in the Applicant Monitoring System (ATS)

Sometimes, you don’t have any open positions available to fill. But, you get resumes that might be helpful in the future. Your applicant tracking system can save the documents. 

Not just that, it will also be able to identify the candidates you’re seeking when you search for bios or tags.

Businesses request an online resume where they talk about themselves. This Applicant Tracking System should be capable of keeping any resume format. Therefore, no candidate is left out.

  • Centralization

The presence of characteristics can distinguish the various types of applicant tracking systems if the plan for tracking applicants (ATS) consolidates all candidate details in one location and allows you to access all the information under one roof.

Centralization can help collaboration as it allows them to access information about candidates from any location. 

As a result, everyone is updated on the progress of the candidate. It becomes overwhelming for everyone who must use different platforms to access additional information.

The significance of your Application Tracking System

It also aids employers, employees and job seekers. If candidates visit your career website your career site, the user-friendliness and display are entirely dependent upon the application system. 

The ATS will then store the pertinent resumes of candidates that comprise their data and then bring them into line with the job advertisements. 

It allows you to find the top candidates on the market when you are hiring, and then this applicant-tracking system acts as an all-in-one system that will enable you to run your company effectively.


The applicant tracking system you choose isn’t as effective If the mentioned features aren’t present. Suppose you want to learn how to outdo other systems that track applicants with robust features that are crucial features that make up the program. 

Consider these suggestions when selecting the most effective applicant tracking software for your company that will be the main driving force behind your success in business. Utilizing AI-based ATS can ease manual work, which leads to the highest precision.

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