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Pediatric Physical Therapy To Help Your Child Lead a Healthy and Active Life

Your children’s physical health is crucial to their overall development. In order to lead a healthy life, your children need a supportive environment both at home and school. Physical therapy for kids can help your children lead the healthy and active life you want for them. This therapy is a way to help treat illnesses, injuries, and disorders that can affect your children’s overall mobility.

Therapy will improve their gross and fine motor skills and coordination while encouraging fun and active play. Pediatric physical therapy helps children develop to their full potential and reach their goals of daily living through treatment, training and education. Physical therapists specializing in children are trained to work with children from infants to adolescents in a comforting environment for optimal results.

Building Stability and Flexibility

Children are just as susceptible to injury as adults. Building stability and flexibility in physical therapy for children is unique in that it is tailored to meet your children’s specific needs. It focuses on building strength, balance, and coordination to help children meet developmental milestones such as crawling, walking, and running. The focus will be on providing age-appropriate movement patterns to the children, facilitating home life practices and enhancement of activities of daily living.

pediatric physical therapist will start with the basics of body awareness and sensory stimulation activities that develop strength and stability in the body. Therapy will use games, activities, special equipment and manuals designed to increase flexibility and encourage exploration.

PT That Helps Build Gross Motor Skills

Physical therapy for children can also help build gross motor skills, improve posture and body alignment, develop fine motor control, increase muscle strength and coordination and reduce pain and inflammation by decreasing joint stiffness. Kids need lots of gross motor skills to grow, develop and play. Gross motor activities include running, jumping and climbing, things that make kids feel free! Certified physical therapists work with children of all ages to develop their motor skills through fun, age-appropriate games and exercises.

PT That Helps Build Fine Motor Skills

Physical therapy can also help build fine motor skills in the hands and fingers. These skills are critical for things such as writing, drawing, and playing musical instruments. A physical therapist can help children build strength, flexibility, and balance. Developing fine motor skills is essential in children for learning and development. As building blocks of everyday life, fine motor skills are fundamental to help them grasp knowledge and understanding in an age-appropriate way.

Physical therapy will help children gain more mobility and strength and improve their functional movements. Your children deserve the best, most comprehensive care. It is paramount to provide your children with the highest quality physical therapy service, delivered in the most efficient manner. Find a team that is committed to providing the most innovative care that fits your family’s needs and gets results fast. Whether your child needs treatment after a sports injury or surgery or just wants some guidance on the path toward better health, physical therapy in Cary, NC can help.

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