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Listing The Top Organic Fruit Syrups In Dubai

Fruit syrups are nothing new in the food world, but they have become a trend for the rich sweet flavor they give to dishes, baked goods, and even beverages. Fruit syrups make a delicious addition to your kitchen cupboard and can will use in many ways. From adding it into your coffees to using it as an ingredient in desserts, flavored syrups are a versatile staple of every kitchen cupboard.

If you’re someone living in UAE, you’re probably aware that UAE has a huge cuisine culture, which naturally necessitates a good pour of organic syrup on their dishes. Most people don’t get real fruit syrup but rather a syrup concoction of sugar and viscous fluids with fruit flavoring. You must hunt a little to get the real stuff and be ready to spend. 

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the top organic fruit syrups to help you spice up your dishes.

Must-Try Allergen-Free Fruit Syrups In Dubai


Situated in Haryana, India, Osterberg Foods is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of fruit crushes, syrups, toppings, and fillings. With more than 85 years of experience, Osterberg specializes in providing the highest-quality fruit-based syrups to cafes, bakeries, and supermarkets, among other industries.

The Maple Guys

Located in southern New Hampshire, The Maple Guys is a family-owned business producing maple syrup and selling related equipment for over 20 years. This simple syrup is downright delicious and made by top-notch experts in the sugaring industry. Moreover, it’s far more affordable than many other organic syrups on the market.

Hilltop Boilers

Hilltop Boilers, a family-owned business in Newfield, Maine, is another brand known for its love of maple syrup. For nearly three decades, the company has been offering the best quality Maple Products at economical pricing. In addition, they produce syrups of various grades so that customers can choose based on their flavor preferences.

Maple Grove Farms

This pure maple syrup can found at most grocery stores and has that simple and sweet taste that makes it good for cooking or sweetening. The people at Maple Grove created a flavor combination that improves whatever it is combined with. 

Maple Grove Farms is light, sweet, simple, and perfect for use on almost every dish.

Aldi Maple Syrup

Aldi is a brand known for offering exceptional products, but their Canadian maple syrup has remained a huge hit among the public. Its deep, flavorful sweetness is something you’d expect from molasses, which goes perfectly with the UAE cuisine.

Kirkland Signature

This maple syrup from Costco is delicious, with slight hints of molasses, vanilla, and caramel. The syrup is not overly earthy and tastes just like real, pure maple syrup. Keeping in mind it’s cost and convenience, it’s a must-buy.

Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup

Since 1928, Anderson’s maple syrup has been a family-run business offering fully-organic syrup. Based in Wisconsin, USA, their maple syrup has a well-balanced flavor that’s neither too sweet nor too strong, making it suitable for various uses, including pancake and oatmeal toppings as well as drizzling over savory dishes.

To Conclude

Fruit syrups aren’t just for drizzling on pancakes. It can be used at any meal and can add a delicious mild sweetness to any dish or beverage. With that said, give these above-given syrup brands a go and spice up some of your favorite dishes.

Not sure where to shop for quality syrups online? Consider checking out Swift Trading Company. They are all-natural products traders dealing in various essential products, including fruit syrups, crisps, roasted coffee, and mineral water. Place your order today!

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