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Website Maintenance For Non-Profit Sites – Essential Aspects To Know

Non-profit websites will always find it hard to keep their sites updated and green. Most of them often focus on correct website redesign elements but not always. The best they should do is look at the bigger picture – website maintenance elements. After launching your website online, the real work begins, and you need to dig deeper into the maintenance details. This post will reveal the essential aspects of non-profit website maintenance that you should know. Keep walking with us to know more!

What is Non-Profit Website Maintenance?

A non-profit website needs regular preventive maintenance to achieve the highest performance mark. Regular maintenance will ensure reliability, security, and stability for your website on various fronts. If you have developed your website in WordPress, you better look at the bug fixes or plugin updates to keep the wheel rolling.

Updating your site plugins regularly will keep your site away from being hacked. However, maintenance is not confined to updates; you must focus on changing your website content and visual aspects. The more you focus on these aspects, the better the site performance.

Information Relevancy:

The information you post on your non-profit website needs to be relevant, current, and updated. Your site might be updated, but if the content is outdated, your sponsors and supporters are less likely to engage with you. It would be best to show your donor what you are doing with his money; your content could be the best route. Here are a few areas donors often search on your website for updated content.

i) Project status and impact:

The first thing your content should reflect on is its impact on society. Donors will be more than happy knowing their money is making a difference. You can provide information about core programs and projects on your website; it does not have to be too involved. A few lines about your current project status will certainly help your parties.

ii) Events and volunteer opportunities:

What if your website has outdated event information? It is frustrating to know that your audience will never stay around! It would be best to keep your website updated with events and volunteer opportunities to make a difference. It can reflect your professionalism and trustworthiness, and your donors will trust you.

iii) Contact information:

Another key aspect you need to pay attention to is having a clear contact path with your organization. It would help if you allowed your visitors to find accurate contact information to avoid hiccups. Address, phone number, and a contact form are necessary for this area. Do you find these tasks to be too complicated? You can hire website maintenance Dubai companies for help!

Visual Aspects to Take Care of:

Is everything on your non-profit website displaying correctly? If not, you should pay attention to the visual aspects. It is often the easiest aspect to check and contains the following elements.

i) Images:

Modern-day websites should have optimized images to reflect visual information to the visitors. Images that look great and informative can make a difference, and you should surprise your visitors. Moreover, also take care of your theme and hire professional web developers for this aspect.

ii) Videos:

Do you want to embed videos on your website? Make them count! Your videos should be active regularly and provide enough information to your visitors. Moreover, the quality of your video clips should meet the standards if you want to outsmart your rivals.

Website Security:

Is your website safe enough? If not, you better take care of your security protocols and other safety updates to keep the issues away. Security should be the top priority of every website and it won’t come around without maintenance. If your website is vulnerable, you should focus on the following elements.

i) HTTPS certificates:

A secure certificate for your web pages is a must these days. Having an SSL certificate means visitors will never access the insecure version of your website. HTTPS is an encryption technique that connects browsers and web servers. Hackers won’t be able to find a weak link on your page and enter your site.

Opting for an SSL security plugin can ensure the following perks for your website:

  • Using HTTPS in URLs
  • Sets up redirects from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Finds insecure URLs

ii) Hosting security:

Another effective way to add security to your website is to launch it on a secure hosting platform. These providers ensure SSL certificates and other security protocols for your website. It is not a maintenance task, but you need it anyway. Do you want to add more security to your website by maintaining it regularly? Consider hiring website maintenance companies for the task!

Maintain your website regularly with experts!

Website maintenance is an ongoing process, and you always need an expert on your side. Who but professional website maintenance companies can help your cause? Consider hiring them and have peace of mind!

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