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Learn how to make PlayStation 4 downloads much faster

The PS4 is a complete media center, and different content is available for the console via downloads, such as demos and DLCs. However, it is common for the device to download files excessively slowly, even if the user has a good broadband package. TechTudo prepared the tutorial to help you speed up your connection on PSN. Here’s how to quickly download games on Sony’s video game:

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It is common to have a download delay on PS4 or PlayStation 3, and then the speed changes, no matter how intense the player’s Internet is. This usually happens because of lost connection packets between the modem and the console. To solve the problem, you need to perform two procedures: find the MTU value of the network and change the DNS from the console.

Check the MTU value

Some tutorials on the Internet claim that the MTU value of the PS4 is 1492, but there is a way to know the correct number to apply to the console.

Step 1. On a computer connected to the same network as your console, enter Command Prompt (can be accessed from the Start Menu or by searching for “cmd”). After that, type ipconfig /all;

Step 2. With the information generated, look for the line that shows the “IPv4 Address″. Write down the number that appears there;

Checking your connection data (Photo: Reproduction/André Mello) — Photo: TechTudo

Step 3. With the data already annotated, enter the following code in the window: tracert -d. You should see a test list with each line with an IP;

Generally, in the fifth line, IP changes the first numbers concerning the previous ones (Ex: 190, 200). Note the numbering;

Step 4. Now, inside the same window, enter the command: ping -f -l 1500 (insert the IP number noted in the previous step). Select Enter and wait. The message below will likely appear:

Loss of connection packets (Photo: Reproduction/André Mello) — Photo: TechTudo

Note that, with the test, four data packets are sent, and this causes all of them to be lost. The secret is repeating the test, but you should decrease 1500 to a slightly lower value.

You should test every 1 number (Ex: 1490, 1480, 1470…). If the value is too low, the PS4 connection may be worse than when the procedure started. The ideal is to arrive at the numbering that presents the following result:

When this happens, write down the number reached. In the test, the index was 1460. Then add 28 to the value, as this is the number reserved for communication with the router. 

How to configure the video game

With this data, it’s time to make your PS4 download everything at an acceptable speed. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Settings and select Network. Choose the type of connection (Wi-Fi or cable) and proceed without changing anything until you reach the DNS Connection option;

Step 2. When configuring DNS, select “Manual.” The idea is to choose an open DNS that is more likely to make a better connection with the PSN servers.

In the test, the free DNS from the GigaDNS company was used. It is valid to comment that others may present the same result, so it is up to the user which one to use. After that, enter the following information:

Changing the DNS on your PS4 (Photo: Reproduction/André Mello) — Photo: TechTudo

Step 4. With the new DNS configured, it’s time to change the MTU. In the correct option, use the number you reached in the process carried out on the PC.

With everything ready, save the configuration. Sometimes, it is necessary to restart the video game for everything to work as it should. The PS4 will increase the download speed if the procedure is performed correctly. In tests performed with 15 Mbps Internet, the download rate reached 1.5 MB/s.

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