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How to Work Safely with Chemicals

People working with hazardous chemicals require extra protection to keep themselves safe from the damaging effects of these compounds. It cause harm when it gets in contact with the body or even when it is inhaled. Some effects may just be short term while others are long-term and irreversible.

Wearing personal protective equipment is essential when working with this. No matter how short or long the duration of exposure is. These safety gears lessen the exposure of the body to the harm of these chemicals and keep the worker safe while at work.

Here is the essential PPE that should be used when working with chemicals and toxic compounds.

Skin Protection

When working with chemicals, the skin is the most exposed part of the body. It can get into the skin surface or even get absorbed through the skin even without our knowledge especially when the droplets are too small to notice. Before handling chemicals, be sure to wear skin protection such as a lab coat or an overall so it covers most of the body and protects it from spills and accidental splashes.

Be sure to cover all your exposed skin, especially on the hands. Since it is the body part that deals with this. Wearing nitrile gloves keep your hands safe from this. It is strong and durable and chemicals can’t penetrate its surface.

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Respiratory Protection

Some chemicals produce fumes that are really harmful to the body when inhaled. When dealing with chemicals, it is recommended to work in an environment that is well-ventilated to prevent the build-up of harmful fumes in the air.

Aside from that, it is also essential to wear respiratory protective gear such as filtering masks, and respirators. Self-contained breathing apparatus, depending on which one is needed. With those safety gear, you can lessen the exposure of your respiratory tract to contaminants and toxic fumes and help protect yourself from respiratory illnesses caused by those chemicals.

Eye and Face Protection

Lastly, you also need to wear protective gear for the eyes and the face. Although you may not think about it chemicals can get into the eyes or face no matter how careful you are in handling them – from tiny droplets to accidental splashes.

It can cause extreme and even irreversible damage to the eyes and the face. Because these parts are more delicate than the others. Keep these parts protected by wearing goggles, safety glasses, and face shields. These gears serve as a covering for your eyes and face, protecting them from droplets or splashes of harmful chemicals.

Whether you are the one working with chemicals are just managing a workplace that involves handling this. Following safety measures and wearing complete protective gear is important in keeping yourself and your workers safe from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals. Aside from wearing complete PPE, it still pays a lot to be extra careful when handling chemicals as a first line of keeping everyone in the workplace safe.

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