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Does the very idea of travelling leave you overwhelmed? 

Does travelling bring you more stress than relaxation? 

If that is so, it is probably because you need to plan a trip well in advance, so that the last moment stresses are kept away.

Travelling to different places can bring incredible experiences and many memories to cherish. But an unplanned trip can turn all the incredible moments into a nightmare even before you know it. So, the best way to make the most of your trip is to plan it properly and relax. 

This article tells how you can make your trip a relaxed one by laying out the best travel planning. Here we go, with the major pointers.

  1. Selecting a destination:

The success of a trip depends on a few factors and keeping them in mind lets everything streamlined. Selecting an ideal destination is one of them. While picking the destination, watch out for these:

  • The fundamental to a successful trip is to know which place to travel to according to the season. Some places are better travelled, in a particular season, so it makes sense to visit them then. Most people plan to visit hill stations or beaches as their ideal holidaying destinations, but the fact is that both these places have their best seasons to visit. So, before you plan your destination, keep in mind the season it is best for visiting. 
  • Setting a budget and abiding by it is another factor influencing a successful vacation, free from stress. You can plan your ticket booking, stay and commuting expenses within the budget to remain free from any hassles.
  • You can consider a destination that is conveniently approachable and is linked with other cities and towns by air, rail or road. 
  • Also, consider deciding the duration of the stay in your selected destination. Remember, touring a major city would need more time for sightseeing than a secluded beach town. 

2.      Booking tickets and accommodation:

Reaching your vacationing destination and putting up at a good place is yet another concern. So, booking the flight or train tickets well in advance is imperative, as it might cost you higher if you book during peak vacation time. Accommodation costs more for some destinations that are swarmed by tourists during the holiday season. It is best to get this task covered well in advance for hassle-free travelling and stay. If you plan it well, you can even book Thailand Villas for your vacations.

 3.      Pack your stuff: 

Packing for vacationing needs some extra care as you can’t miss out on certain things that are of utmost importance. A few pointers to keep yourself aware while packing for the trip are:

First things first! When beginning your packing, start with the things that are small, yet very important. 

  • Like your passport or aadhar card for identification. If you do not have your aadhar card handy, you may learn to get it from your mobile device. (For those comfortable with Hindi may learn it here: mobile number se aadhar card kaise nikale).
  • Keep your extra woollens, extra pair of jeans and tees and comforters just in case you need them.
  • If you are travelling with kids, you can carry some lightweight toys or even motivational books in Hindi to keep them engaged. 
  • Also, carry a medicine box with some over the counter medicines and a small first aid box. 
  • You should also carry sunscreen lotion and moisturizers as you may need to use them if you are travelling to a coastal region or a hill station. 

4.      Curate a well-planned itinerary:

Vacationing is for relaxing, no doubt, but it still needs some planning to keep it truly relaxed. If there is no schedule to be followed, it might jumble up tasks and make the trip utter chaos. And, you certainly don’t want that to happen. So, plan your day-wise schedule and considering the budget and other important factors like time and accessibility of sight-seeing places, craft the itinerary that is best suited for you. If your vacation is majorly for relaxation, keep adventurous sprees a little away. But if you are an adventure freak and vacationing is just another excuse for indulging in them, check out all the activities available at your holiday destination. You have to make sure whether the activities you seek to indulge in are available during that part of the year or not, as some activities are available at a certain time of the year only.


A well-planned trip is a well-executed one for sure. If you are already planning a trip, then we hope this little guide will help you sort your planning to some good extent. Consider the pointers within this article and you could make your trip a relaxed and enjoyable one. A little trick to a more hassle-free travelling is to keep your luggage light and easy to manage. 

So, now that you are all sorted, where have you decided to go this vacation? 

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