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How to keep your deck cool during the summer

Everyone is thrilled since it is summer. Summer is when you and your family may participate in outdoor activities. It’s time to host a BBQ in your backyard or garden, and it’s time for your kids to play outside. Summertime is a terrific time to have a party outside with your friends on your wood or composite decking. Summer, on the other hand, brings the heat. If you want to relax on your deck during the summer, be aware that it may be exceedingly hot. So, how can you keep your summer sun deck cool?

Why does decking heat up in the summer?

The sun’s rays may make decking rather hot in the summer. Summer is when the sun is at its brightest. The burning rays of the sun will make everything heated. The sun’s rays will heat human skin and other objects as they pass through them.

The sun’s rays will heat the top of your deck until it is too hot for you to walk on. In the summer, this is why outdoor decking gets heated. The majority of homeowners take precautions to keep their decks cool and prevent the sun’s rays from reaching the top.

How to keep your deck cool during the summer

You may use the ideas in this article to create a pleasant place for your outdoor activities such as relaxing or partying.

Install a high-quality decking material

The first step in keeping your deck cool in the summer is to choose a suitable decking material. You should be aware that there are more than four decking materials available on the market. Timber decking is one of the decking materials. PVC and composite decking are two more decking materials. All of these decking kinds are distinct in terms of material composition and aesthetic value. One type of flooring that stands out from the others is composite decking.

This sort of decking is ideal for outdoor use. It’s because composite decking is not only attractive but also resistant to heat. So, if you’re looking for non-heating outdoor flooring for your yard, consider plastic wood or composite decking. In hot temperatures, wood decking does not function well. When the sun shines on plastic or PVC decking, it will get heated.

Install decking in a light color

You may already be aware that composite material is the best decking to install, but you should also be aware of the best color to put if you want cool outdoor flooring. Plastic wood decking comes in two colors: bright and dark. The intensity of the surface pigment distinguishes light and dark plastic wood decking.

Dark plastic wood decking has a dark pigment, whereas light komposittrall has a light pigment. The former will not absorb a large amount of heat from the sun’s rays, but the latter will. If you want a cool decking material, light-colored plastic wood decking is the way to go. Because its surface will deflect the sun’s rays, it will not grow overheated.

Plant Natural Shade

If you’ve built composite decking, another option to keep it cool is to grow shade. Shade can be provided by a tree or flowers such as creepers that hang from your composite decking. Building your decking near a mature tree shields you from the sun’s rays and allows you to relax on your deck more easily.

Aside from that, adding decking and planting a tree near it will raise the value of your property. Aside from mature trees, you may construct a trellis on your sundeck and grow creeper or blooming vines to weave around it.

Build a Shade

You can create shade by planting trees and flowers near your sundeck. The type of shade you create is determined by your needs. On your decking, you might construct a pergola and cover it with a fabric. If you want an immediate reprieve from the sun’s rays, you may simply make a shade with an umbrella. The sun’s rays will not reach the surface of your plastic wood decking if you use an umbrella or a pergola.


By using a suitable decking material like composite decking, you can keep your decking cool in the heat. You should also choose light-colored plastic wood decking and construct a canopy to keep the sun’s heat away from your decking.

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