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How to fake a fever

Even if we do not understand for some reason you would like to try to have a fever and thereby deteriorate your health… It may still be useful to try to understand how, in some situations, it is possible to change your body temperature to fake a fever.

So let’s consider how to fake a fever, sharing with you that this is not… a great idea. If you think that giving you a fever will prevent you from going to school, know that there are other less harmful ways to achieve the same result!

How to fake a fever and how to induce it?

As we have anticipated, fever can be induced with the help of some methods, which we will now see together:

  1. Sun method: this method of getting a fever consists of sunbathing for about thirty minutes with short sleeves, and waiting two or three days before the fever begins to appear. The next day, nausea, head pain, and sore throat may occur.
  2. Tobacco Method: This method of getting a fever consists of eating a little tobacco, or putting it under your armpits at night, or making an infusion and drinking it. We do not recommend experimenting with this system as it could be very dangerous to health.
  3. Soap method: in this case, to fake a fever you have to go to sleep with a bar of soap under your armpits. This area of ​​the body is the hottest one, just think that it is the first in the summer to sweat, so keeping it cold can lead to the onset of fever.
  4. Consuming Unusual Foods: Many argue that consuming a raw potato is a surefire way to fake a fever. Others recommend eating plaster dust, avoiding decorative stucco. While still others try toothpaste. Once you place it on the lip, fill the mouth with air and stay outdoors, with short sleeves and shorts. Another way is to eat a whole chili without cutting it with a knife, or to drink coffee with salt. Even the consumption of bread and Nutella from time to time, with the addition of a lot of salt, can cause the body temperature to rise.

How to fake a fever; Some other methods

  • Run outdoors with toothpaste under your eyes
  • Take a simple cold shower
  • Take a shower alternating cold and hot water
  • Dry your body after bathing with the hairdryer, alternating hot and cold air
  • Take a used handkerchief and rub it on your body, or put it in your mouth

If you are alone in the room, shake the thermometer backwards before taking your body temperature.

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How body temperature is measured

How body temperature is measured

The most appropriate measurement in case of fever is the axillary one. As for the choice of thermometer, it is better to choose those in Galistan.

This alloy has replaced the classic mercury, or electric thermometers. Possible types of measurements are: rectal, ear and oral, and They should only carry out by medical personnel.

In the event of a fever in the child, this should not be overly covered and also need not remain in bed. The little one should not simply overexert himself, while it is important that he hydrates frequently. Don’t force him to eat meals if he doesn’t feel like it, but it’s important that he gets sugary liquids.

Through these, the formation of ketone bodies, or acetone, which could prolong the malaise, can avoid. If a fever has hit a newborn, the mother should not stop breastfeeding.

Breast milk is the best food a baby with a fever can consume. We do not recommend sponging with both alcohol and warm water.

Methods for inducing vomiting

Often there are commitments that we would like to avoid, so one of the most used techniques is to pretend to be sick. Thanks to this system, you can avoid important business meetings, go out with friends when you don’t feel like it, or group meetings.

The vomiting method, like the fever method, can induce or simply mask. Often it takes just two fingers down your throat to throw up, but it’s much healthier and easier to pretend you have it.

Most often, vomit gives off a bad smell, but if you are good, no one will remember about this. It is also possible to use the excuse that the bathroom window was open, or that the toilet was flushed immediately.

A widely used method is that of brioche, it consists in the consumption of two or three brioches without ingesting them. Once they well chopped in your mouth, run to the bathroom, close the door and pretend to throw up in the toilet. In this way the fake vomit will be clearly visible, and accompany the vomit, with coughing, as if you are suffocating.

Another method of how to fake a fever

The second most used method is that of bread, and it also consists of introducing well-shredded and chewed bread into the mouth. It looks a lot like the reverse, and leaves no residue from paper or packaging.

Once you have finished putting back, you will be asked what you ate that made you sick. Obviously, you will not have to answer this question with bread or croissants, otherwise it could make you suspicious. It can be simply stated that for a few days you have been feeling a sense of nausea, stomach ache and that at the very thought of eating, you have the sensation of vomiting.

The description in this article is just a way to show how sometimes we can pretend diseases that we don’t actually have. What we advise you now is not to absolutely not try to imitate the events described. Health is a precious commodity and must be preserved as such.

Eat specific foods

Nutrition can also play a significant role in raising your temperature. For example, you might get good results by eating hot meals or drinking hot liquids such as tea, soup, stew, etc. All this will also contribute to a rapid increase in body temperature, although the result is obviously very temporary.

Another type of food that will raise your temperature is spicy food. Adding chilli, Tabasco, peppers or peppercorns can contribute to your result. Foods rich in vitamin B have also been shown to be the best for raising body temperature. Another common and widespread method with varying results, although not highly recommended, is to use onion on the armpits.

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How to fake a fever and how to pretend it?

How to fake a fever and how to pretend it?

Now, considering that we are sure that all you want to do is simulate having a fever, and not really harm your body with more invasive practices, we try to share with you a series of little “tricks” that will allow you to simulate the fever without harming the body. These are some lies that… we advise you not to adopt anyway, but that some of you might find useful to avoid going to school or having to participate in unwelcome events, simulating an illness.

Wear heavy clothing to fake a fever

One of the simplest ways to increase body temperature is to wear thermal or lined clothing, such as a long-sleeved wool vest, a nylon thermal vest, or a silk shirt. Wear it before going to bed and try to keep it for a few hours: this will help your body maintain heat , which in turn will cause the degrees on the thermometer to rise. Conversely, you should try to avoid wearing cotton or linen, or breathable fabrics.

Tampering with the thermometer for how to fake a fever

Considering that the thermometer will be the tool that will “formalize” your fever, tampering with it means disguising the outcome of your health conditions, making your parents believe that you have a fever (shame!).

The thermometer is a tool we use on a regular basis to reliably measure average body temperature and… it’s by no means a foolproof tool, considering there are a few tricks you can use to fake a fever and quickly falsify a fever.

An easy way to get the thermometer to read a few degrees more is to rub the tip with your fingers as quickly as possible. This way it will heat up quickly and rise to the desired temperature. If you have a heat source nearby, there is nothing more effective than putting the thermometer close to it for a few moments: think for example of boiling a cup of tea or coffee and gently place the tip of the thermometer against it.. Make sure that the temperature does not rise and reach very high levels, because otherwise it will not be very credible (who can ever believe a fever of 50 ° to be true?).

Finally, if your thermometer is one that has mercury, you can also raise the temperature by immersing it in very hot water. Make sure the water is not boiling, as otherwise you run the risk of blowing up the thermometer, which can be dangerous to your health.

This article on how to fake a fever ends with the advice that all the methods are informative only which we took from different websites. If you have experienced some serious indications, please contact your healthcare professional.

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