How to Boost English Language Proficiencies for the PTE Test?

If you wish to study overseas, PTE Academic is the most important exam to get a ticket to your favorite foreign country. As you’ve decided to go for the PTE test, you should start working on English language proficiencies. However, one of the most typical ideas around English mastery exam preparation is that it’s hassle-free for native speakers to crack the exam compared to non-native speakers. It’s just a myth.

When you want to boost your English language skills for the PTE exam, several things are there to focus on, including listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills. Therefore, these are the best tips and strategies to increase English language proficiency.

PTE English Speaking Tips

You need specific skills to answer the part 1 questions of the PTE Academic exam. Therefore, we’ve summed up some vital advice and tips on boosting your English speaking skills.


Pronunciation proficiencies are needed for repeating sentences, reading aloud, depicting a picture, and re-telling lecture question types. Here, you don’t need to sound like a native English speaker. All you have to use is a clear and proper pronunciation of the words. It also implies you have to ensure your consonant and vowel sounds are enunciated natively with the right words.

Oral Fluency

Oral fluency in the PTE Exam requires reading aloud, delineating a picture, repeating sentences, and re-telling lecture question types. It’s recommended to practice speaking English daily for 30 minutes to boost oral fluency. If you’ve slow or fast speaking issues, record your voice and listen back to ascertain the area of improvement.


The sole type of question in this PTE speaking section, which will need robust vocabulary proficiencies, is answering short questions. Therefore, the straightforward way to thrive in your vocabulary is to jot down vocabulary in a notebook. Whenever you see or hear new words, incorporate those while adding the meaning to that notebook.

PTE English Listening Tips

In order to boost your English mastery in the listening aspect, you need to grasp as much content as you can. You can listen to English songs, poems, and podcasts. You may also watch the news and movies. Moreover, watching people communicating with each other will help expose you to new pronunciations and words.

This PTE exam segment is entirely based on a candidate’s listening ability. You must also be capable of breaking it down and comprehending it to follow that up with your provided answers.

PTE English Writing Tips


You need to get into the habit of reading English articles, stories or blogs daily to improve your grammar. Moreover, you can create a reading plan and objective to increase your grammar for about 30 minutes a day.


Writing creative English means you should have a wide range of vocabulary. To augment your vocabulary, you need to expose yourself to new words 10 times a day.


PTE Academic Test accepts UK, Canadian, US, and Australian spelling. But be careful once you’ve selected a spelling convention for one question.

PTE English Reading Tips

Expanding your English skills by reading doesn’t mean that you need to stick to books only. You will be introduced to several idioms, new vocabulary, and aphorisms by reading, and it augments your knowledge too. Apart from books, you can read online blogs, stories, magazines, and more to perceive the meaning of the content. As the PTE exam is time-bound, you need to be a fast reader.

Bonus Tips

As practice is key to success. So keep practicing as much as you can. You can attempt PTE mock test which helps you to know where you are standing and how much you need improvement in your preparations.


These are the top tips to follow when you want to grow your PTE English proficiency. Contact Gurully today and allow us to walk you through our PTE packages. All the very best to your future!

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