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Do’s and Don’ts for E-commerce Web Development

Ecommerce is rapidly flourishing worldwide. It is a robust medium for businesses to reach their customers easily and quickly. For any business or brand, e-commerce and m-commerce have become the new normal. If you are planning to hire an e-commerce web development company, here are the do’s and don’ts to be followed for e-commerce web development.


Design the e-commerce website for smartphone

  • We live in a mobile world. At present, there are more than 6.6 billion smartphone users across the globe.
  • By 2024, it is expected that nearly 42.9% of e-commerce sales is going to happen through mobile phones.
  • It is crucial that the eCommerce web design company you hire should focus on designing the e-commerce website for mobile devices.
  • Having a mobile-friendly website will make your e-commerce website successful among the target audience.

Element of personalization 

  • In today’s world, adding a personal touch to everything is what customers are looking out for.
  • Adding the element of personalization by welcoming a user with their name and making certain product recommendations based on their preference reflects that your business understands customers.
  • An e-commerce web development company should focus on personalizing the user experience when developing the website.
  • When customers visit your e-commerce website, they must see the products that they are really interested in buying.
  • Personalization helps save valuable time for users and keeps them hooked to a brand.

Offers and discounts section for customers

  • No matter the industry vertical your business belongs to, everyone loves discounts and offers.
  • The e-commerce website developed by the best e-commerce web development company must have a dedicated space for discounts and offers.
  • Having a specific space for all offers, deals, and discounts would mean that the customers will definitely check out what is being offered.
  • Be it a promotion of a product or a sale, a separate space would communicate everything about special offers and discounts clearly to the visitors.

Easy and clean navigation

  • An overcrowded website won’t deliver the result that you are probably looking for in your business.
  • When you have prospective customers visiting your website, it is essential to make things easy and convenient, rather than confusing them.
  • The e-commerce web design company must ensure that seamless and well-structured navigation should be a part of the entire website.
  • The layout and design should be clean and simple.
  • The e-commerce web design company must see to it that standard and easily recognizable fonts are used throughout the website.
  • Complex and cluttered navigation will result in a higher dropout percentage and abandonment rate.

Use the power of search engine optimization (SEO)

  • In today’s competitive world, the internet is flooded with e-commerce websites. Hence, in order for prospective customers to find your website easily in the internet world, SEO is crucial.
  • By following the best search engine optimization practices, the e-commerce web development company can rank your ecommerce website higher on the search engine’s results page.
  • A higher rank for your website means better visibility to the audience, higher traffic, and improved conversion rates.
  • Using the right keywords, writing unique product descriptions for each product, building quality backlinks, optimizing page speed, and using high-resolution images are some of the ways to improve the rankings of your e-commerce website.


Make the website heavy

  • Slow load times would leave the visitors dissatisfied.
  • As the page loading time increases from 1 second to 3 seconds, the probability of bounce increases by 32%.
  • 47% of customers expect a web page to load 2 seconds or less.
  • In the mobile world and the fast speed of the internet, the patience and waiting time of people has reduced significantly.
  • Reduced attention times of customers have become a new normal, be it in any industry.
  • Customers don’t like to be kept waiting, especially in the world of e-commerce.
  • The e-commerce website development company must ensure that the pages on the e-commerce website load quickly, to create the all-important good impression of your business or brand to the customers.
  • A simple design by an e-commerce web design company will definitely help the e-commerce website to run faster.
  • Also, using the right image dimensions and quality along with browser caching will reduce the loading time of the pages.

Overlook the CTA button

  • The call-to-action button is the most important one on the e-commerce website.
  • The e-commerce web design company must ensure that it appears distinctly and is easy to see for the visitors.
  • The e-commerce web design company must highlight the font for the CTA to be clearly visible, making things apparent for customers.
  • The CTA button must not be buried anywhere within the content, where it cannot be seen by the visitors.
  • For customers to make a purchase from your ecommerce website, they need to know what to do.
  • Some of the common CTAs include ‘Buy Now, ‘Add to cart, ‘Get it today.

Complicate the checkout process

  • Cart abandonment is something that can really hit your e-commerce store hard if the checkout process is not convenient.
  • The ecommerce web development company must optimize the e-commerce checkout process, to ensure that a customer can complete the purchase easily.
  • A complex and tedious checkout process will increase the likelihood that a customer will drop off the purchase during checkout.

Make false commitments and promises

  • If you are planning to include things like ‘Next day delivery guaranteed’, ‘easy return policy, ‘lowest price guaranteed’, ensure that it is true and you can fulfill what you promise.
  • Over-promising and then under-delivering can really leave your customers in bad taste.
  • Once a customer’s trust is broken, he/she may never return back to your e-commerce website.

Edit or remove the negative review

  • It is a fact that you cannot make everyone happy.
  • You are definitely going to receive an odd negative review about a product purchase by a customer.
  • Negative reviews are a part and parcel of the e-commerce world.
  • If your e-commerce website is only filled with positive reviews and 5-star ratings, your business may appear unreliable and untrustworthy to the visitors.

If you have an e-commerce web development idea in mind, hire Qafie consultancy, a leading e-commerce web development company, to transform your idea into reality.

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