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Decorate Your Home With the Best Interior Designing Ideas

Here’s an overview of 82 designer-approved home decorating ideas. Learn about Lighting, Plants, and Wall Wallpaper. And don’t forget about the upcoming book by Justina Blakeney. Her home’s interiors are sure to inspire you. Here are tips and tricks for designing your home with a modern look. You’ll love Muse Design! And now you can recreate them yourself at home.

82 designer-approved home decor ideas

Designing a home is exciting and often overwhelming. The big picture is as important as the fine details, and you must strike a balance between function and form. Here are 82 designer-approved home decor ideas to inspire you. Start by looking at the room you want to redesign. Use the ideas in the Fast and Fabulous Decorating Projects section to choose the materials you’ll need and follow the instructions. These projects don’t have to cost a fortune, and can be completed in a matter of hours.


Lighting is an essential tool in interior design. Lighting can make any room look larger or smaller than it really is. It can draw the viewer’s eyes to certain areas, such as a beautiful staircase, or create a sense of depth. It can also be used to manipulate space and create moods. Here are a few ways designers use lighting. Creating an atmosphere with lighting is an art form in itself, and it requires a thorough understanding of the basics of interior design.


Adding plants to interiors will add beauty and freshness to the room. You can choose plants that thrive in low, medium, or high light. Some plants can thrive in all types of light, while others are light-sensitive and require certain types of light to thrive. In addition, many types of plants are extremely versatile, meaning you can use them in any room of the house. Whether you want to add colour or texture to a room, streaked leaves are the way to go. A spider plant, for example, has intricately-patterned leaves that will add a touch of fun to your decor. A smooth-textured plant, on the other hand, will provide decoration without distraction.

Wall paper

There are many types of wall paper that can enhance your home’s decor. Chinoiserie wallpaper, for instance, has long been popular with homeowners looking for an elegant, traditional look. It is associated with grand country manor houses, but it has now been given a contemporary twist. This style is characterized by sweeping oriental landscapes and motifs with stylized flower and bird motifs. Many of the most popular wallpaper designs are derived from Chinese art.

Open-plan design

If you have a house with an open floor plan, you may wonder whether it’s a good choice. Although these designs are popular in Canada, you should keep in mind some important details before putting them into practice. Open-plan rooms can be a nightmare when it comes to acoustics. Kitchen noise can bleed into the living room, and large open spaces tend to be cold and cavernous. That’s the opposite of cozy.

Natural items

There is a growing trend toward embracing natural materials in interior design, and with good reason. Not only are these items beautiful and timeless, but they are also good for the environment. Natural materials are both biodegradable and renewable. Many of the materials used in interior design are biodegradable. For example, wood is often treated with chemical dyes or sealants, resulting in an unnatural finish. With environmental consciousness growing, many manufacturers are now developing natural materials with improved characteristics.


If you are trying to improve the overall look of a room, you might want to consider wallpaper as one of the options. There are many different types, patterns, and colours of wallpaper on the market. It is also possible to get wallpaper designed specifically for a commercial setting. Coffee shop wallpaper is designed to match the design concept of the coffee shop space, for example. However, the most important thing to consider is the style of the room.


The first step in creating a stunning interior design is to take measurements of the room and the furniture. Measure the size of the window treatments, electrical outlets, windows, and doors and use the measurements to decide how to arrange the furniture. It is important to position the main furniture pieces toward the focal point of the room, keeping the major traffic patterns open. Then fill in the rest of the space with the furniture you want to have in the room. While decorating, be sure to balance heavy and light pieces.

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