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Best Hacks For Generating Leads From Email Marketing

What is an online business without consistent customers? A total failure! Be it a startup or a huge conglomerate; without an overwhelming flow of active customers, sustainability is none. Every business targets lead generation to get more customers. Today, we will discuss the most significant of the various types of lead generation strategies. If you are curious enough, keep exploring ahead!

Around 48% of digital marketers prefer email marketing as the top lead-generating strategy online? Most experts believe that email marketing is not just about lead generation. It is about nurturing the leads. With that thought, here are the top techniques that might help your business nurture more leads.

  1. Enhance Your Efforts with Lead Scores

A successful marketing plan is all about targeting the right niche of a customer at the time with the right message. To develop such a plan, you need to drive your focus predominantly on your lead scoring. What does it mean? It is a method of sorting and prioritizing your most professional leads. Such leads carry a high possibility of welcoming your mails. You are on the right path to lead scoring if you have enabled email automation for such leads. 

Potential customers, who show a subtle interest in your website’s products, can be a great target under this strategy. They carry a 25% chance of becoming a customer.

  1. Be Concise and Specific

Email marketing is an art. Drafting the right mail is essential for targeting leads. Too much information, animation, and flashy content might become a distraction in the path of the real message. Use:

  • Simple fonts: avoid large, flashy texts or fancy fonts. Use simple fonts to express your opinion.
  • Simple Design: adding too much animation or large-sized photos is unacceptable. Use a business template that goes with your objective.
  • Format Text: use standard spacing, line break, paragraph spacing, and highlight.
  • CTA: keep a simple call-to-action button with a clear message to attract prospects. Keep in mind the mobile users.
  1. Subject Lines Does the Trick

You have your turn now if you want to show your creativity in a mail. Use your imagination to kindle your prospects’ urge to click on the mail. Use text formatting elements, add emojis, and use capital fonts to draw the attention of your clients to the most significant part of a mail- the subject line.

Regarding lead generation for technology companies, having subject lines such as “How Google shut down tomorrow for five minutes?” is a great technique to leave a hint of a query with curiosity for your fellow readers. Moreover, such a subject line will help readers understand the message’s content before reading the body.


Therefore, creating and managing email marketing plays a crucial role in any technological business. If you are looking for professional help, Pearl Lemon leads services are what you need. By allowing them to take charge of the situation, you open up your business for the constant nurturing of warm leads.

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