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The importance of Local SEO for small and medium-sized businesses

Almost all online business models have incorporated different SEO strategies into their marketing campaigns. For most small and medium-sized businesses, SEO means writing excellent content, with the right keywords to create optimal visibility for the target audience. The quality of the inbound links and engagement on social media helps not a little to attract the right audience. However, many companies seem to prioritize Local SEO, which is a strategy for maximizing business in a specific geographic location. The search parameters have evolved with new technologies and the influx of numerous companies and brands has brought strong competition in SERPs.

Why local SEO is important

You deal with less competition

As your court size shrinks, competition will shrink accordingly. For example, consider competition for keywords related to your business across the country and in a localized area. There is a big difference, which immediately translates into less competition and lower costs. Secondly, attention is being paid to a targeted market rather than dissemination over a wide network. There will be far fewer local searches than at the national level; however, these searches will be more relevant to the business and could lead to more conversions.

Make Business Mobile Friendly

There is a huge increase in mobile technology, many people now depend on their phones to access the internet. According to studies, about 46% of searches are done through mobile devices and are mainly done for product research and most of them are expressly localized. People, who search on the go, are mostly looking for places where they can find their product or service. The main search engines know how to interpret and respond immediately to this need by providing increasingly precise localized results. So when choosing keywords you need to be closer to the researcher in terms of geographic location.

importance of Local SEO

Simple strategies

Achieving good results for Local SEO is much easier. First, small and medium-sized businesses need to set up all their local profiles. Then use all relevant local directories, review sites, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google My Business . It is important to be consistent in providing the same contact information across all mediums and platforms.

To improve the results deriving from local SEO, it is first of all necessary to check the consistency of the data , that is to say, make sure that all the information regarding your business on Google and in the various portals is correct: if they are not, it is essential to correct them or have them corrected as soon as possible. Obviously, it is also necessary to pay attention to the contact data on your site: in essence, it is necessary that the coordinates and address indicated are the same as those referred to by Google Maps. Therefore, the importance of optimizing the site from an SEO perspective also from this point of view should never be forgotten.

That’s not all: especially for specific businesses (restaurants, bars, mechanical workshops …), customer reviews have an extraordinary importance, not only for knowing user ratings, but also for what concerns local SEO. In short, even more help from this point of view can only do well. And this is even more true if you start a collaboration with blogs in your area.

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