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5 types of necklaces best suited with sapphire rings

Necklaces are an important part of jewellery that upgrade your fashion style. There are many designs of necklaces that are available in the market and each of them have their unique style statement. Knowing when to wear what kind of jewellery and pairing the right kind f jewellery together is essential for fashionable styling. Sapphire rings have been growing in popularity in the recent years owing to their beauty and alluring nature. A lot of people today have sapphire wedding or engagement rings that they wear on a daily basis. So if you are wondering what kind of necklace you should pair with your sapphire ring then read on.

Pearl strand necklaces

Pearl is a unique gemstone that has a class about itself. One of the most common and classic piece of pearl necklace is the pearl strand necklace. It has a simple design which is versatile and pairs well along with almost anything including sapphire engagement rings London. The beautiful colour contrast between the shining white pearls and brilliant blue sapphire brings out the beauty in each of them and therefore wearing both of them together is great choice.


Choker necklaces are those which are close fitting around the neck. Choker necklaces can be made of different materials but the one made of beads go along very well with the sapphire rings. The beads can be of any colour but the ones that contrast with the blue of sapphire ring or are of a similar shade as that of the sapphire looks very elegant and classy when worn together. Choker necklaces made of metal such as gold, silver or platinum also look great with sapphire rings.

Pendant necklace

Pendant necklaces are delicate jewellery items that are worn most often by both women and men. The pendant of the necklace hangs freely from a chain that can be of varying lengths. The pendant too may vary in size and can include several styles. Wearing a single stone sapphire pendant with a sapphire ring and earrings will enable you to have a complete sapphire jewellery set.

Collar necklaces

Collar necklaces are those which delicately sit on the collar bone and are great when paired with off shoulder dresses as they highlight your collar bone. They can be made of different materials but the one made of diamonds look great with sapphire rings which has diamond embellishments on it. A simple collar necklace with a gorgeous sapphire ring is a great combination.

Tennis necklace

Similar to the tennis bracelets is the tennis necklace which is made of tiny Hatton garden diamonds placed in a row alongside each other. They are a timeless and classic design that looks great with any outfit. Needless to say sapphires and diamonds complement each other beautifully and therefore wearing a diamond tennis necklace along with a sapphire diamond engagement ring will look stunning on anyone who chooses to wear them and give them that classy look which is perfect for a cocktail dinner.

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