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Why you shouldn’t leave your phone’s Bluetooth on

Bluetooth technology It consists of transferring data between different devices without having to use cables. This is one of the oldest details in existence. Cell phonesEven before smartphones This tool has been modify and improve over the years and has been integrate into various devices such as watches, headphones, printers, speakers, among many others.

Although not everyone is positive, according to several cyber security companies, there is a risk if it is left on all the time. How is this possible? The reason is the Bluetooth continues to send data, even if it is not link to another device, because it works in the background.

This happens because the interface is responsible for sending the UUID, that is, the universally unique identifier to other devices. This allows someone to get it and thus know your geographical location, even if the connection is hide, it will continue to send this type of information continuously. ilán din hacker can take advantage of the vulnerability, access your content and steal it.

Another risk is Man-in-the-Middle, a recognize attack in the world of telecommunications, consisting of a user interfering with the connection between the two devices to see what is being send and, in the worst case, change it.

For all of the above, it is important to maintain Bluetooth to take care of it Privacy of our data and our securityIn addition to saving battery.

Different Bluetooth Attacks

BlueBorne: It consists of a malware (malicious program), which allows control of the device and access to data. You only have Bluetooth turned on to the hackers can be accessible.

Bluebugging: can control smart phone completely. The goals of attackers they are different, from cyber espionage, data theft, and spread of viruses and even the creation of botnets (computer robots).

Blue jacking: Mass spam sending angle hackers use the system protocol to send unsolicited messages to the user through a vCard (electronic personal card), a note or a contact.

Bluesnarfing: Information theft, the most common is contact theft, but they can access other types of data inside the cell, tablet or computer, including communications, private messages and photos.

The beginning of bluetooth

In 1994, Ericsson began its technology development. And in 1998, six large companies: sony, nokia, Intel, Toshiba, IBM and Ericsson, formed a consortium to carry out and deepen the study of this connection option, forming the so-called Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

And, it owes its name to the king of Denmark and Norway, Harald Bluetooth, which in English is called harold bluetooth. This is because he united the tribes of his country, as this duty does.

Why you should stop having the Bluetooth of your mobile permanently connect

It is quite common for people to have Bluetooth enabled on their mobile devices, many times without even realizing it. Perhaps one day you connect a wireless speaker or share some files with your computer from the terminal and then you forget to disconnect it. We should consider that many times the problem with Bluetooth is not the battery it consumes, but the extent to which it violates our privacy.

For professionals and experts in cybersecurity, the wireless tool is a headache. It is not something that is talk about enough and it is surprising that one of the star tips that is recommend to those attending the annual DEFCON hacker conference – the name comes from the words defense condition – in Las Vegas is to keep the Bluetooth of your mobile devices.

Cybersecurity experts warn of the risks of keeping Bluetooth activated

It may seem like an exaggeration, but a large part of privacy violations and cybercrime cases start with Bluetooth access to devices. So much so, that at this year’s DEFCON conference, experts wanted to show attendees the ability of wireless networks to identify vulnerable digital devices.

There are other wireless-relate issues that experts are concern about, such as the many cases where hackers have manage to intercept and even alter data sent between people via Bluetooth. According to the researchers, “an attacker can listen to or change the content of nearby Bluetooth communication, even between devices that have previously been successfully pair.”

According to a recent finding, AirDrop is also vulnerable to hackers

A recent finding has shown that AirDrop, Apple’s ad-hoc service, can also be compromise by hackers. There have been cases where hackers have been able to determine a user’s full phone number due to the way Bluetooth Low Energy operates.

As the New York Times recently report, there are stores that use electronic beacons to radiate Bluetooth signals, thus tracking the locations of individual shoppers and that information is later sell to advertisers. It is clear that keeping Bluetooth activate exposes you to possible attacks and privacy violations, to a greater or lesser extent, so it is smarter to remember to monitor if it is activate and if it is, turn it off.


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