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Here’s Why You Should Use Potty Training Pants For Your Kids

Potty training on your mind? Then we are sure you have potty training pants also on your mind! Toilet training is one of the essential milestones a child would achieve, and accessories such as the right kind of books, toilet seat, potty training pants, etc., will make this journey easier. This article will discuss the importance of potty training pants in your child’s toilet training journey. 

Toilet training your child can be an exhausting process for many. While many parents achieve the goal of toilet training their kids in three days straight, many parents take up to several weeks or even months to reach there if they start at the wrong time or the wrong kind of accessories such as potty training pants that are needed to get to the milestone. 

But before we understand the importance of potty training pants, let us understand what potty training is and what potty training pants. 

What Is Potty Training? 

In simple words, training a child to use a potty seat is potty training. But it is not as simple as just using the washroom and the toilet seat. The complete potty training would include your child themselves identifying the urge to pee or poop, letting the parent or caregiver know that they need to use the washroom, pulling the potty training pants down on their own, sitting on the seat and using it, wipe their but clean, pull the potty training pants back up, flush the toilet and then wash their hands properly. Once your baby has achieved this, they are completely potty trained! 

What Are Potty Training Pants? 

A bridge between a cloth diaper and regular cotton underwear, potty training pants are what you need while potty training your toddler. When your baby needs to be entirely off diapers, but you do not want to create a mess and run around with a mop all day cleaning the pee puddles and want to save your sofa, bed sheets etc., potty training pants come to your rescue. This padded underwear can soak up to one pee and keep the messy pee leakages away. The whole idea of potty training pants is to let your baby feel the dampness on the inside, so they start identifying the cues and urge that they feed before they need to pee or poop. Thus, they start communicating the need to use a washroom beforehand. 

Importance Of Potty Training Pants

Now, the main topic of discussion here is why potty training pants are essential? Can kids not graduate from cloth diapers to regular underwear directly? The following pointers will help you understand the importance of potty training pants and answer the big question: Why I Should Use Potty Training Pants For My Kids?

  • Helps Your Child Become Independent – Cloth diapers can be challenging for your baby to wear and take off. But potty training pants are pull-up style pants that the child themselves can easily pull up and down. This gives them a sense of independence to take charge and go to the washroom independently. 
  • Helps In Identifying Cues – How do adults know that we need to go to the washroom and pee or poop? We feel the pressure in our bladder, and we know. However, kids initially do not understand that; this isn’t easy to comprehend until they are on cloth diapers. Cloth diapers come with a dry inner lining that does not let your child feel the dampness on the skin. Padded underwear is meant to avoid the mess by containing the poop and soaking up to one pee. But they also make your child feel the dampness on the inside. This helps them realise the relation between feeling the pressure and the feeling of dampness. 
  • Transition gradually – Sudden transition from cloth diapers to regular underwear can be confusing and difficult for the child. Even for parents, cleaning the puddles of pee all day and constantly worrying about the sofas, mattresses, bedsheets and clothes etc., can be exhausting. So instead, let your kids be kids and run around everywhere. Adding the phase of potty training pants between cloth diapers and regular underwear can also put your mind at ease.  
  • Saves Your Child From Embarrassment – It can be embarrassing, even for a little child, if they accidentally pee in front of others or end up spoiling someone’s clothes, bed or floor. Potty training pants can save your child from such embarrassment. 
  • Extra Protection – Let’s say your child is potty trained and understands the body cues and communicated to be taken to the washroom. Still, why take those chances if there is a chance of accidental pee? Many parents prefer to keep using the padded underwear for a few weeks to months even after their child is entirely potty trained. This helps the child gain confidence in the process. 

The toilet training journey can be easily manageable with the right kind of padded underwear made of superior cotton and good absorbance. Choose mindfully. Happy diapering! 

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