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What Should You Expect From a MiraDry Treatment in UK

Anyone can be embarrassed by underarm sweat. However, when your perspiration stains everything you wear, it might take over your life. Sweating is disturbing for most of us in our regular routines. It can be discouraging to search for the best antiperspirants, painstakingly remove underarm stains from clothing, and avoid social engagements.

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is a common ailment that few people discuss. MiraDry in UK is a non-surgical sweat reduction treatment for hyperhidrosis that lowers excessive sweating. Let’s go through all you ought to grasp about this revolutionary procedure.

What Is It?

Hyperhidrosis is a disorder in which you sweat excessively under your arms, hands, feet, and face. It can also have an impact on other regions of your body. The illness usually begins in youth and lasts throughout adulthood. Excessive perspiration, regardless of the term, can ruin your day. Constant tension caused by worrying about excessive sweat showing through clothes or feeling self-conscious about the underarm odour in social circumstances can have a psychological impact!

What is the MiraDry Treatment?

MiraDry in UK is a safe, non-invasive, and clinically validated technique that employs heat radiation supplied to the skin using a handpiece. The energy is carefully directed to the location of the sweat glands, which are destroyed. Because sweat glands do not regenerate, the technique reduces long-term sweat. Industry experts advocate miraDry as a safe, effective, and long-lasting treatment option.

How Long Do MiraDry Effects Last?

Unlike Botox injections, another popular underarm sweat therapy, miraDry provides long-term results. Because the targeted sweat glands cannot regenerate, they will no longer be able to produce sweat in the future. The majority of individuals can obtain these effects with just one treatment. However, some may require a second.


You will have some pain beneath your arms after the treatment. Swelling will occur in the treated area. The swelling diminishes substantially over a few days with ice packs and time and is mostly gone by two weeks. Your underarms may bruise or get red, but this should go away in two weeks. Some patients suffer tingling or numbness. The miraDry hyperhidrosis treatment is long-lasting because the sweat glands that it targets are permanently removed.

MiraDry Is It Safe?

MiraDry has a proven track record of safety. Following the operation, you may experience some local swelling or pain, which might linger for a few weeks, like when using gastric balloon pills. Some individuals have a temporary change in sensation in the skin of their underarms or upper arms, which fades over time. During your consultation with a qualified doctor, they will go over all of this with you.

Final Thoughts

You can rest assured that your underarms will stay dry in any situation because the sweat and odour glands have been removed. The underarm sweat glands are heated and destroyed, while the top layers of skin are protected and cooled by the handpiece device. MiraDry is a treatment that both men and women can benefit from.

RejuvaMed Skin Clinic is pleased to offer miraDry® sweat reduction treatments. This non-invasive treatment has a short recovery period, and most patients can resume their normal activities right away. Please get in touch with any RejuvaMed Skin Clinic if you have any questions about the miraDry® procedure or other innovative services like a gastric balloon pill.

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