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Tips to Organize Your Fridge to Keep Food Fresher, and Last Longer

If you squeeze groceries and containers of leftovers into whatever available space in your double-door fridge, it will frequently result in a chaotic mess on the shelves. It’s no surprise that finding food items would become very difficult when needed the most! Even if you have a double door fridge, the best refrigerator for household usage with a big family, you may still have fridge organising issues.

You can do some things if you want to reorganise your fridge and have a storage system that makes it easy to keep the shelves clean and organized, like the ideas below.

  • Purge the unwanted

Every organising effort begins with a thorough purge! Furthermore, if you’re a regular human being, cleaning out your double-door fridge will most likely result in the unearthing of an embarrassing number of expired or neglected foods.

  • Rearrange shelves

Prepare the movable shelves in your refrigerator before you begin stocking it with groceries. Play around with them until you discover a configuration that works best for the sorts of foods you eat regularly.

  • Establish zones within the fridge

Use separate sections of the double-door fridge for various food items. You may have a shelf for tall drinks, leftovers, condiments in one door compartment, and salad dressings in another.

  • Label the containers.

The use of clearly labelled containers in the refrigerator is an excellent approach to keep food well organised. To make it simpler to find what you need, grouping comparable goods together in a single bin is a good idea.

  • Put perishables at the front and centre of the fridge.

When products like apples, berries, and eggs are tucked away at the back of a shelf or behind a cover, it’s far too easy to overlook them. It’s time to put those perishables on display, so it is recommended to place them in kitchen utensils, boxes, or tiny fruit bowls. In this way, your family will be reminded of the need to use perishable items first, and you will save money on unnecessary food purchases.

  • Fruits and vegetables should be kept separate in your fridge.

Likely, you are already aware of the need to separate your fruits and veggies. This is especially true given that fruits release a gas that accelerates the decomposition of veggies. Don’t just throw everything in one container; split it up with a separate drawer in the double-door fridge.

  • Get rid of stale food as soon as possible.

Ethylene, a natural ripening agent, is released as food deteriorates. Ethylene accelerates the ripening of nearby vegetables, resulting in food spoilage. Don’t wait until your next fridge cleaning session to get rid of expired food you find in there; doing so now will help keep the food in your fridge fresh longer.

  • Remove all packaging that is not necessary.

Save room in your fridge by getting rid of food packaging that is too big. Remove the outer packaging of foods like cheese and oranges to make them easier to pick up, like in a store.

  • Understand how to effectively refrigerate specific types of food.

Because not all foods are created equal, not all foods go bad at the same rate. Fruits and vegetables must be kept in a certain atmosphere to maintain their freshness and flavour. It can make a big difference to learn how to keep each food item fresh.

Tomatoes, for example, should be stored on your counter without being wrapped in plastic wrap. In this way, they can continue to mature and acquire a rich flavour. The best way to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables is to keep them in a dry place. By avoiding excessive dampness, mould development is kept at bay.

In the long term, making these little adjustments to how you store food in your double-door fridge might save you a significant amount of time and money. Produce will stay longer and perhaps taste better if stored and organised properly.

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