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The Best Lawyer for Property Disputes In Lahore, Pakistan

Looking For The Best Property Lawyers In Lahore, Pakistan?

Property disputes in Pakistan are among the most common legal disputes that go to court for resolution. Whether you are hiring the Best Lawyer for Property Disputes for investment purposes or want to buy it to live by yourself and your family, it is important to take prudent steps to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. It is always advisable to contact civil lawyers/real estate lawyers before you want to sell or buy a property, as real estate lawyers in Pakistan will protect you from all types of fraud and potential or future disputes or claims related to real estate.

Usually, two remedies are available to the aggrieved party in property fraud cases: a civil one and a criminal one. In any fraud case, the parties try to obtain criminal prosecution to apply pressure, but when bail is posted for the opposing party, the aggrieved party thinks they have lost the case and it is all over. However, bail is a temporary relief for the accused since he may not remain behind bars until after the trial. The aggrieved party is urged to contest the entire trial and at the same time file a civil suit for the recovery of property/money.

It is now a recognized principle of law that civil and criminal proceedings can be brought simultaneously. In a lawsuit, the defendant is punished for the crime committed and in recovery (civil case), the aggrieved party receives either fulfillment of the agreement or repayment of the money paid to the defendant, depending on the circumstances of the case. If you need a temporary or permanent restraining order or injunction against a property, you can also contact our lawyers in Lahore.

Voiceofjustice Law Associates is the best Lahore law firm for real estate cases in Lahore, Pakistan. Voiceofjustice Law Associates lawyers can be contacted for all legal issues related to real estate, including but not limited to the following:

Property rights disputes

It is important to understand that under the property laws of Pakistan, a person holding title to a property is considered the true owner of the property. This means that when purchasing a property, the buyer must immediately ensure that the property is transferred to his or her name to protect his or her interest in the property. The buyer will not be able to register the property in his or her name if there is a defect or dispute related to the property.

Any buyer must verify ownership of the property before entering into a transaction with the seller. A simple way to do this is to hire an experienced real estate attorney who will examine the actual condition of the property and the authenticity of the title to ensure that it is free of liens, encumbrances, encumbrances or disputes. This will help you make an informed decision and avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

The buyer or seller refuses to abide by the terms of the contract

This is another common dispute between the buyer and seller over a property. After the buyer has paid the seller a deposit (Bianna), if either party refuses to honor the terms of the contract, the aggrieved party can go to court to enforce the contract.

In some cases, we have also experienced that fake and fraudulent contracts were filed in court to retain the property. You need not worry, just contact our real estate lawyers who will ensure that you get permission to stay in your property in no time. 

Real Estate Disputes

Property ownership is also an important aspect of property law in Pakistan. Every property owner has the right to enjoy ownership of his property under Pakistan property law. What is the purpose of title if you don’t have title? In court, it is generally presumed that the person holding the property has a valid trust unless proven otherwise. In our experience, disputes over ownership of immovable property can take many forms;

The buyer refuses to relinquish possession:

This type of dispute usually arises when the buyer has little or no prior experience in purchasing property. The buyer signs a property sales contract with the seller and, although the buyer has paid the seller in full, physical possession of the property is delayed or refused for whatever reason. In such cases, it is important to take legal action to obtain possession. If you are facing a similar dispute, all you need to do is contact our property dispute lawyers and they will help you fully obtain possession through the legal process.

The tenant refuses to leave the property:

Lease laws in Pakistan have evolved over the years to provide maximum protection to property owners. It is always advisable for tenants to have a comprehensive written lease agreement or its renewal signed and stamped by the tenant. This reduces the risk of disputes between landlord and tenant, including tenant possession. If you lose control of your property because the tenant fails to pay rent and refuses to leave. Control of the property can be regained by evicting the tenant from the premises. Apart from eviction, our lawyers have so far helped many of our clients by assisting them to recover all rent arrears through litigation. All you need to do is contact our real estate lawyers and they will help you evict your tenant in no time. 

Inheritance or will

When a pastor dies in Pakistan, his property is divided among his legal heirs. The legal heirs of the deceased person are determined by the provisions of Sharia law. It is not customary in Pakistan to make a will. Therefore, it is common for disputes to arise between the legal heirs after the death of a person. To avoid such disputes, it is always advisable for a person to transfer his property to his legal heirs during his lifetime.


Disputes between tenants and landlords

Sale, purchase and exchange of immovable property

Property division

Drafting contracts and obtaining sealing documents out of court.

Registering FIRs on real estate disputes

Boundary wall/boundary disputes

Eviction of tenants

Obtaining temporary suspension or exemption for property

Recovery of rent from tenants

Ensuring that children receive their fair share of the estate.

Taking possession in case of illegal transfer (“Kabza”)

Recovery of property at the time of contract

Repair issues / Problems during construction

Damages and compensation

Disputing allegations of false information/documents

Verification of land ownership

Assisting Pakistani expatriates with their disputes arising in Pakistan.

Assisting clients to purchase land from the true owner

Mortgage cases

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